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The Pharmacy Guild is partnering with the Heart Foundation to help promote the importance of physical activity and cardiovascular health. One of our commitments is to assist member pharmacies to become Heart Foundation Walking ‘Walk Organisers’ in their community.

Why Walking Groups?

With more than one in four Australian adults doing little to no exercise at all, Heart Foundation Walking groups are a fun and easy way to help people increase their physical activity, whilst making new friends and engaging with their local community. Walking Groups also build support networks, helping participants stay motivated to keep walking regularly.

Over the past 20 years, Heart Foundation Walking groups have helped more than 75,000 Australians remain active and improve their health.

Why should my pharmacy become a Walk Organiser?

Walking groups are a great opportunity to help improve the health of your community and strengthen your position as an important health destination. You can attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and engage existing customers. Your pharmacy will be the meeting point, and one of your staff members can attend walks and get to know your customers.

Why not check out the success stories page where you can read about the experiences of other pharmacies who have already become Walk Organisers, and learn how it helped both their community and their business.

If you want to share your own experiences with Walking Groups, send us an email at communications@guild.org.au.

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As a Walk Organiser why not speak with your customers during walks or afterwards, to raise awareness of health issues and related medicines, products and services provided within your pharmacy. You could start a group to target a health issue important to your community, (e.g diabetes or sleep apnoea) or one aimed at specific population groups, (e.g. a stroller group to engage with parents).

How can I get involved?

Becoming a Walk Organiser is FREE and EASY. Heart Foundation Walking will provide all the support and resources to Walk Organisers and registered Walkers, including training, access to an online profile and dashboard, insurance cover, merchandise, promotional support, access to the Walker Recognition Scheme and annual free workshops.

Become a volunteer Walk Organiser in four easy steps

Step 1: Go to Heart Foundation Walking and register yourself as a Walk Organiser. You will need to plan your walk and provide details including: location, time, date, ability level & Group specialty (if applicable).

Step 2: Allocate a staff member willing to ‘lead’ the walk and be a registered walker until a person recruited to the walking group is identified as a champion who can continue this role.

Step 3: Your nominated staff member will need to complete a short online training session covering their duties as a Walk Organiser

Step 4: Start Walking!

What are my responsibilities as a Walk Organiser?

  • Attend walks and welcome new Walkers
  • Be safe when walking and arrive for walks on time
  • Promote your walks (you will receive posters, flyers and other support)
  • Keep your walking group and contact details up-to-date (so new Walkers can find out about your group)
  • Submit monthly attendance records to Heart Foundation Walking – a very easy process.

Additional information on how to register and your responsibilities as a Walk Organiser can be found on the Heart Foundation Walking website.

Important things to note

  1. The pharmacy cannot charge consumers for participation in the walking group.
  2. All participants must be registered with Heart Foundation Walking first, before they participate in a walk, as this includes a waiver of liability.
  3. The Heart Foundation maintains an insurance policy that provides coverage for you in your capacity as a Walk Organiser if (a) you are acting as a Heart Foundation volunteer and (b) you have complied with all applicable requirements of the insurance policy.
  4. There must be an existing HFW Local Coordinator in a given area for the pharmacy in that area to sign up a Walk Organiser.  This can be determined on the HFW website or by contacting HFW directly. If there is not an existing Local Coordinator you can contact Heart Foundation Walking by email: walking@heartfoundation.org.au or by phone on 1300 36 27 87.

Heart Foundation Walking is funded nationally by the Medibank Community Fund and the ACT Government through ACT Health

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