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Pharmacy Rental Report

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has a goal of ensuring that all Australians have equitable access to life-saving Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines, other scheduled medicines and therapies, as well as access to professional pharmacy services. For this to be achieved, the network of approximately 5000 community pharmacies needs to be evenly distributed throughout Australia at convenient locations.

Pharmacists are the most accessible of all health professionals because they are located in shopping centres and general retail locations which often do not contain other health professionals. It is vital for the Australian community that pharmacies remain accessible. While understanding that landlords seek a return on their investment, the location of a pharmacy in a centre should be seen as a value-add. Australia is one of the few remaining markets where pharmacies are located in all retailing formats.

The dynamics of pharmacy remuneration has changed, largely because of major changes to the PBS. This factor needs to be taken into consideration in rental arrangements. This document serves to improve relationships between pharmacists and landlords and, in addition, to give a greater understanding of pharmacy.

The Guild has also broken down the 2019 Pharmacy Rental Report into three sections - the Rental Report Overview, a section on Leasing Benchmarks, and a section on Leasing Negotiations.

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Page last updated 15 March 2019