Pharmacy Transformation

Start your pharmacy’s transformation journey by understanding your opportunity

Transformation is about making fundamental changes in how you conduct your business to meet shifts in the market environment and meet the future needs of your community. It doesn’t necessarily mean moving from the core business of supplying medicines and related products, rather incorporating professional services that protect, complement and add value to provide an integrated health solution.

How will pharmacy transformation bring you value?

The Guild is focused on delivering the best support available to our members in the interests of a healthier community and a healthier bottom line. Through a complete range of new diagnostic and operational support tools the Guild is able to assist members identify current opportunities available to their pharmacy, target business areas that require attention and then provide the operational support needed to do something about it.

Meaning to sign up to Health Advice Plus?

Not sure where to start and want to know more about the Health Advice Plus program, or have you already completed your Opportunity Analysis and would like discuss your next steps with one of our experienced program coaches?

No matter what your situation, our experienced Health Advice Plus experts are available to spend some one on one time with you to answer all of your questions.

Customer Experience Index

Central to every successful retail business are engaged customers and quality products and services. Engaged customers frequent a business because of the positive experience the pharmacy provides. Engaged customers are loyal, and sell your business for you.

The Customer Experience Index involves an in-store customer survey and real time feedback on the customer experience in your pharmacy. It provides an insight into how they perceive your business, along with actionable suggestions based on their feedback.

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Professional Services Viability Tool

Combining established cost bases with a pharmacy’s own details, the tool provides a guide for delivering pharmacy professional services.

Determine your own service fee according to your costs, associated product sales and profit margin relative to your competitive environment.

The data enables pharmacies to establish capacity and budgetary targets related to service profitability and accountability, and may assist planning, for required infrastructure and resources.

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Opportunity Analysis Tool

The Opportunity Analysis tool is a key component of the Guild member only Health Advice Plus Program and is designed to provide a customised report using a pharmacy’s data to highlight lost opportunity income linked to key service areas.

Once you have completed your opportunity analysis, a Health Advice Plus representative will contact you to conduct a 45 minute one-on-one feedback. Your Health Advice Plus representative will discuss and analyse the results with you, providing strategic advice for developing your pharmacy’s professional services offer.

Find out more about the Opportunity Analysis tool on the Health Advice Plus website

Health Advice Plus

Introducing the Guild’s support service for member pharmacies who want to get started, or need additional support to integrate and deliver successful health programs and services.

The Health Advice Plus Program is a cost-efficient, hands-on support package — developed by people who work in and understand pharmacy — that provides common sense incremental change management principles to transition your pharmacy to a professional service model.

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Page last updated on: 25 June 2020