The Opportunity Analysis and ScriptMAP 2020 Exclusive Member Access

Plan for your pharmacy's future

As part of the 2019/2020 membership, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia is providing members with access to an Opportunity Analysis and a ScriptMAP 2020 subscription.

These tools will help identify areas of potential revenue across script volumes and pharmacy services to assist in setting goals and creating plans for future growth and viability.

Opportunity Analysis Tool

Data from pharmacies that have already completed the Opportunity Analysis (OA) tool shows that, on average, pharmacies are missing out on an additional $30,000-$35,000 from professional services annually.

The Opportunity Analysis tool uses your pharmacy's data to provide a customised report which highlights income opportunities linked to key service areas including 6CPA funded programs, fixed third-party income, prescription and medication programs and screening & testing services.

Before you start the report, you will need to know:

  • Your pharmacy's PBS script volumes
  • Your 6CPA service caps
  • The list of services your pharmacy provides (including any script reminder services), and the number of each service you deliver monthly

You can pause and come back to any question in the OA if you’re unsure of the answer, and will be able to discuss your answers with your consultant during the feedback session.

Once you have completed the Opportunity Analysis, you can opt-in for a 20-minute one-on-one feedback session with a Health Advice Plus coach. Your coach will analyse and discuss the results and provide strategic advice to help you develop your pharmacy’s professional service offer and set business goals.

To learn more about the Opportunity Analysis Tool, watch the video below:

ScriptMAP 2020 ToolScriptMAP 2020

The ScriptMAP 2020 tool is a financial forecasting product that will deliver you a customised analysis of the impact of PBS reforms through to 2020.

The tool forecasts your business remuneration out to 2020 and enables you to forecast and compare different models, identify additional sources of income for the future, and will provide you with bankable business projections.

Prescriptions account for an average 66.5% of pharmacy revenue, making intelligence on their projections the necessary first step in helping owners manage their pharmacy business and minimise risk. The tool will help you analyse your pharmacy's dispensing data, and combine volume growth, substitution rates, discounting data and trading terms to evaluate the expected gross margin for your business to 2020.

After using this tool, you'll also be able to demonstrate your business projections when business planning or applying for finance from your bank.

Before you start ScriptMAP 2020, download the user guide and ensure that you have uploaded your data from your dispensing software after you have checked and updated your current PBS approval number.

Ready to get started?

Before accessing ScriptMAP 2020 or the OA tool, you'll need your login details and discount code, which can be provided by the Business Support Team at your branch. Click here for more information.

The Guild does not bear any liability of data loss, manipulation or corruption as a result of uploading your data prior to checking the status of your PBS approval number.

To ensure you receive valuable support for growth and viability of your business, your state branch will have access to your Opportunity Analysis and ScriptMAP 2020 reports.

Page last updated 18 July 2019