Pharmacy Health Solutions

Providing health services and consistent pharmacist-led counselling and advice in support of Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) principles has been shown to enhance the patient experience through quality health outcomes.

The Preparing your pharmacy for change guide (2MB PDF) (provides pharmacy owners with information on how to implement changes within their pharmacy to support these outcomes. It is anticipated that implementing such changes should have a flow-on effect of increasing pharmacy revenue.

This Preparing your pharmacy for change guide (2MB PDF) places a focus on tools and techniques that will allow pharmacists to examine and adjust their operations and workflows in support of such a change or transformation.

Accompanying this guide will be the following resources:

As you work through the guide, you will be instructed to use these resources to assess your own pharmacy in order to develop an action plan of changes to implement in your pharmacy.

Page last updated on: 15 July 2019