ScriptMAP 2020

Forecast your business remuneration out to 2020

Developed to provide pharmacy owners with bankable business projections, ScriptMAP 2020 is a financial forecasting product delivering a customised analysis of the impact of PBS reforms till 2020. ScriptMAP 2020 forecasts your business remuneration out to 2020 and assesses the expectation for alternative business strategies. Prescriptions account for an average 66.5% of pharmacy revenue, making intelligence on their projections the necessary first step in helping owners manage their pharmacy business and minimise risk. ScriptMAP 2020 is a unique business tool predicting prescription revenue for the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement. Through analysing your pharmacy’s dispensing data, ScriptMAP 2020 combines volume growth, substitution rates, discounting data and trading terms to evaluate the expected gross margin for your business to 2020.

Demonstrate your business projections when business planning or applying for finance from your bank - ScriptMAP 2020 is utilised by pharmacies in making business decisions, improving and sustaining pharmacy profits, and is widely respected and utilised by valuers, accounting groups, banking and political arenas.

Ordering a ScriptMAP 2020 report is easy with three simple steps

  1. Send through your dispensing data direct from your dispensing software
  2. Purchase an online subscription
  3. Enter your pharmacy specific business assumptions.

Ready to get started?

To access ScriptMAP 2020, please ensure that you have uploaded your data from the dispensing software after you have checked and updated your current PBS approval number.

You can update your PBS approval number on the My Pharmacy Details page in the myGuild menu.

The Guild does not bear any liability of data loss,  manipulation or corruption as a result of uploading your data prior to checking the status of your PBS approval number.

To improve your ordering experience, please ensure you have your dispensing data available before accessing ScriptMAP 2020.

Page last updated 09 July 2019