Rural Pharmacy Video Competition

The popular rural pharmacy video competition is back!

One of the most popular parts of the APP Rural Pharmacy Forum, the rural pharmacy video competition, is back with the theme of 'Why I love rural pharmacy/what my rural pharmacy will look like in 2025?'.

This year’s Rural Pharmacy Forum theme is ‘Your Future Is Now’. This aligns with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s major project, Community Pharmacy 2025 (CP2025) which provides a vision for a vibrant, dynamic and commercial community pharmacy network into 2025 and beyond.

The 30-45 second video should show how this vision applies to rural, regional and remote pharmacies and how pharmacists and staff in these areas have taken their futures into their own hands. It should also show how working and living in rural Australia offers amazing and unique opportunities and excite people enough so they want to come and work with you.

Topics of the video might include

  • What services does the pharmacy offer now?
  • What services will the pharmacy offer in the future?
  • What will be done to get there?
  • What help might the pharmacy need to achieve it?

Some ideas or questions that might be addressed are:

  • What is a big change the pharmacy has made, or is thinking of making, and why was it/will it be made?
  • What are the unique needs of town, and how can the pharmacy improve the community’s health outcomes?
  • Why did you decide to work in rural pharmacy and why you still be there in 2025?
  • How is the pharmacy being set apart to attract and retain staff?

The best video will be judged before APP, being held on the Gold Coast from 7-10 March 2019, and the people’s choice winner will be judged by audience at the Rural Pharmacy Forum session at the conference.

Entries close on Monday 4 February 2019 and is the competition is open to employees or owners of a PhARIA 4-6 pharmacy. Entries can be submitted through the online form below.

1st prize – Best video – APP2020 full registration
2nd prize – People’s Choice – sponsored by LocumCo – A day’s locum services up to the value of $600 (excluding travel & accomodation)
3rd prize – Influencing Change – sponsored by Guild Digital – ‘A consultation with Guild Digital’s Aaron D’Souza’ (value $400)

Online submission form

As many videos may be shot on mobile phones, the Rural Pharmacy Forum has compiled some tips to help get the best video results from phone cameras.

  • Shoot horizontal – it is much easier to keep your phone steady by using your phone horizontally.
  • Be steady – if you do not have a tripod, try leaning on an object or keep the camera close to your body.
  • Good lighting – do your best to record videos in natural light or in a well-lit area.
  • Flight mode – turning on flight mode while shooting a video will prevent any unwanted interruptions i.e. phone calls or messages.
  • Avoid zooming in – if you need a closer shot, simply move closer to the subject instead of using the zoom feature on your phone.

All 2018 Videos are available on Youtube

For further information, please contact the Pharmacy Guild of Australia National Secretariat via or 02 6270 1888.

Terms and conditions

  • Entry is free, and only open to an employee or owner of a PhARIA 4-6 pharmacy.
  • Video submissions must be submitted online via the Rural Pharmacy Competition page.
  • Entries open 21 December 2018 and close 12 midnight AEDT Monday 4 February 2019.
  • Videos may be edited by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to ensure they meet AV requirements.
  • Videos will be played at the Rural Pharmacy Forum on 7 March 2019.
  • There will be two categories to be judged – Best video, and People’s Choice. Winners will be announced at the Rural Pharmacy Forum. The winner of each category will receive a prize and a certificate to display in their pharmacy. Winners do not need to be in attendance, and prizes will be forwarded if necessary. Details of winners may be published by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
  • Entries may be used for the ongoing advocacy and promotion of rural community pharmacy by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia including display of videos throughout APP2019, on the Guild’s social media platforms, and for advocacy at events or meetings.
  • Entrants personal information will be used in accordance with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Privacy Policy.

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