ScriptMAP 2020

Message for ScriptMAP 2020 users

ScriptMAP 2020 will be temporarily unavailable from 1 July, 2017 until further notice as the Guild undertakes upgrades to ensure users continue to have the most up-to-date dispensing remuneration forecasting tool.

In particular, ScriptMAP 2020 will be updated for:

  • The Agreement between Medicines Australia (MA) and the Federal Government
    The Agreement with Medicines Australia was not foreseen at the time of the launch of ScriptMAP2020 in March 2017. The MA Agreement will impact the prices of various PBS listed medicines through extended/additional F1 statutory price reductions and an increase in the Statutory Price Reduction from 16% to 25%. More information on the MA Agreement is available here.
  • The Agreement between the Pharmacy Guild and the Federal Government
    The Agreement with Pharmacy Guild to vary the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) means that the Administration, Handling & Infrastructure (AHI) Fee will be adjusted upwards in each of the remaining three years of the 6CPA in recognition of lower than expected PBS prescription volumes under the 6CPA. As part of this Agreement, the Guild has also agreed to support the Biosimilars Awareness Initiative through enhancements to its ScriptMAP 2020 tool to enable pharmacies to benchmark their uptake of biosimilar medicines. More information on the Guild Agreement is available here:
  • Regular fees indexation
    The fees indexed according to the schedule in the 6CPA will also be updated in ScriptMAP 2020.
  • Updating the base year to 2016-17 and other maintenance issues
    The current ScriptMAP 2020 tool has 2015-16 as the base comparative year. With 2016-17 coming to an end, it makes sense to update the base year to 2016-17.  In addition, the Guild will iron out identified access and stability issues with the ScriptMAP 2020 tool.


Why upgrade ScriptMAP 2020 now?
Since the MA Agreement was only publicly announced in May 2017, the Guild has been working to accurately and fully understand the implications for prices of various PBS listed medicines. In addition it is also timely, given fees and base year changes.

Why can’t ScriptMAP 2020 continue to be available while the upgrading occurs?
ScriptMAP 2020 requires complex alterations to its IT infrastructure which is best done while ‘offline’.

Will there be compensation as I purchased ScriptMAP 2020 and now I am not able to use it for a month?
The Guild will offer people who have purchased a subscription a full one month subscription, free of charge, to be added on at the end of their current subscription.

Does the MA Agreement mean my current ScriptMAP 2020 report is inaccurate?
The current report is accurate, based on the inputs at the time.  With changes in Government policy as well as parameters (such as the consumer price inflation, to which some fees are indexed), re-running your ScriptMAP 2020 report once it has been upgraded will provide more up-to-date forecasts.

I have other questions about ScriptMAP 2020, my subscription, and access – who do I contact?
Your queries can be directed in the first instance to your Branch. In addition you can contact the Guild National Secretariat on 02 6270 1888 or email

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Page last updated 25 August 2017