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    SIR40216 - Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy Dispensary

    Community Pharmacy Dispensary expands on the skills that you have learnt if you have completed a Dispensary Assistants Course or dispensary units at the Certificate III level.

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    SIR40116 - Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy

    Develops the management skills needed to coordinate pharmacy operations and lead staff, as well as providing specialised, advanced skills across key pharmacy areas.

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    SIR30116 - Certificate III in Community Pharmacy

    Develops basic retail skills, product knowledge and an understanding of key pharmacy operations, as well as skills to assist customers with common health conditions and prescription needs.

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    SIR20116 - Certificate II in Community Pharmacy

    Develops an understanding of key pharmacy operations and the medicines and products sold within the community pharmacies.

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    SIRCIND002 Support the supply of Pharmacy and Pharmacist Only Medicines Training

    The completion of this unit will ensure that Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) requirements for supply of scheduled medicines is met.

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    SIRCHCS001 Support the management of obstructive sleep apnoea

    In response to the recent growth in delivery of in-pharmacy sleep apnoea services, Guild Learning and Development has developed the accredited pharmacy assistant training unit SIRCHCS414 Support the management of obstructive sleep apnoea.At the completion of this unit, pharmacy assistants…

  7. Medicines to relieve pain

    This course discusses the active ingredients available, and the customer types and pain situations for which each medicine is suited.

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    Goat’s milk formula

    This course looks at options mothers have for feeding their babies, including breastfeeding and formulas. It also discusses a newly introduced brand of goat’s milk formula.

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    Care Pharmaceuticals Fabfol

    The Guild Academy has partnered with Care Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Fabfol®, to develop a simple guide to nutritional supplementation during pregnancy.The training aims to improve a pharmacy assistant’s confidence in handling such product requests and includes information to assist…

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    Continence Care for Pharmacy Assistants

    This course will provide pharmacy assistants with the knowledge and skills to advise customers on incontinence issues.


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