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Welcome to the Guild Dispensary, the pharmacy podcast where we dispense the latest news and updates from the Guild, and you get to hear from industry experts on business- and pharmacy-related topics.

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All previous episodes of the Pharmacy Business & Career Network podcast are still available to listen and download.

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Episode 7 - Making Clinical Governance Practical - Chantelle Turner - Turn Pharmacy Leadership | 03 Jun 2024

Clinical Governance – we all know about it, but what is it really, why does it matter, and how can we move beyond just ticking boxes to make it a practical, impactful part of our everyday work?

Chantelle Turner is a Pharmacist Leadership Coach at Turn Pharmacy Leadership, and joins the show to share her insights on making clinical governance practical and ensuring that everyone in your pharmacy understands why it’s important and how to implement it themselves.

We'll uncover the strategies and practices that can transform clinical governance from a bureaucratic chore into a dynamic framework for improving quality, safety, and accountability in pharmacy.

Episode 6 - Guild Pharmacy of the Year - Excellence in Professional Innovation Winner - Narrabri Pharmacy - Karen Carter | 20 May 2024

Hear from Excellence in Professional Innovation winner at the Guild Pharmacy of the Year, Karen Carter from Narrabri Pharmacy.

Karen will delve into the pharmacy's journey from overcoming workforce challenges to improving and implementing new services.

You'll uncover the strategies driving positive change and enhancing well-being in their community, and we’ll see exactly what secured them the win.

Episode 5 - How to Successfully Implement Holter Monitoring as a Service - Grace Lee - Capital Chemist O’Connor | 06 May 2024

This week is Heart Week! Heart Week provides an opportunity for health professionals and the Australian public to start a conversation about heart health and take positive steps to reduce their risk of heart disease.

One health professional contributing to better heart health is Grace Lee from Capital Chemist O’Connor who is providing a holter monitoring service through her pharmacy.

A holter monitor is a small, wearable device that records the heart's rhythm and is used to detect or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats.

In this episode, Grace explains what providing the service is like, from a pharmacy owner's perspective, including the concerns, how much it costs, and whether it is actually worth it.

Episode 4 - 2024 Guild Pharmacy of the Year Winner - Capital Chemist Southland | 15 Apr 2024

The Guild Pharmacy of the Year Award recognises pharmacies that are leading the way in providing innovative and optimal healthcare for members of their community.

This year's winner is none other than Capital Chemist Southlands, who took home the 'Excellence in Business Management’ category as well as the overall ‘Pharmacy of the Year’ award!

Praised for their excellent business strategy, leadership, and understanding of their community, Capital Chemist Southlands is a worthy winner of the award.

In this episode, we speak to Louise McLean, one of the owners of Capital Chemist Southlands, and we’ll hear a little about her Pharmacy of the Year experience, as well as some of the things they’ve done throughout the years that have led to their success.

The Guild Pharmacy of the Year award is proudly sponsored by Care Pharmaceuticals.

Episode 3 - Pharmacist Support Services Are Here For You | 01 Apr 2024

We all know the last few years have been tough on pharmacists. From COVID-19 to bushfires and floods and financial uncertainties, there seems to always be something going on.

In this episode we will hear an interview with Kay Dunkley, Executive Officer at Pharmacists’ Support Service, and Curtis Ruhnau, the Pharmacists Support Service president, which took place at APP2024 with Australasian Pharmacy.

We’ll learn a little bit more about PSS, and why it is such a valuable service for pharmacists to have.