The Constitution

Notice of lodgement with the Fair Work Commission – Alteration to the Constitution

A notice was lodged with the Fair Work Commission on 19 December 2016 setting out the particulars of an alteration to the Constitution of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The alterations to the Constitution, as voted on and approved by National Council and the financial members of the Guild via a referendum, are set out below.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Change to Rule 31


(a) Start Insertion Subject to Rule 31(aa), End Insertion Start DeletionT End DeletionStart Insertion t End Insertion he annual membership subscription Start Deletionshall End Deletion Start Insertion may End Insertion comprise a “premises” component and a “proprietor” component as set out in Rule 31A Start Insertion (or either component) End Insertion and shall be determined by the National Council from time to time in accordance with the cost of services and current purchasing power provided that any variation in such annual subscription is not more than 20% in any one year.

Start Insertion (aa) The National Council may vary the annual subscription by more than 20% for one annual subscription period only (transition subscription period) for the sole purpose of introducing, and transitioning to, a new annual membership subscription model that removes the “proprietor” component of the annual subscription.

(ab) With effect on and from the end of the transition subscription period Rule 31(aa) is of no further force or effect, and Rule 31(a) is read to exclude the words “Subject to Rule 31(aa),”, so as to commence “The annual membership subscription…”. End Insertion

The Constitution

A complete copy of the Guild's current Constitution is available below.

Constitution of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PDF, 817.49 KB)

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