The Pharmacy Guild understands that community pharmacies must evolve to meet the changing demands of today’s consumers. To help achieve this, the Guild supports community pharmacy with valuable tools to help transform and excel in pharmacy businesses - in addition to our very active and effective ongoing advocacy role.

We recognise that community pharmacies increasingly provide a wide range of medication management and primary health care services while working collaboratively with GPs and other health professionals to help address gaps and unmet needs in the wider health system.

There has never been a more relevant time to be part of the Guild. If you are not a member and are interested in becoming a member and having access to the full range of benefits the Guild provides, contact your local branch to become a member.

Guild membership enhances your business

The Guild has a suite of business support tools to help you assess your business environment and identify potential revenue-generating options.

If you want to ensure business viability into the future, you may need to change the way you do business. This may mean expanding your services to suit the local market or changing your business model. Whether it’s advice and support about business or management models, technology and IT, innovative practices and health solutions, community engagement or leadership and resilience, the Guild can help you transform.

The Guild has a strong network of Branches in each State and Territory, with staff members who possess expert local knowledge in Workplace Relations and small business matters. These Branch experts are the first point of contact for members requiring business support and advice.

Customer Experience Index

Provides customer experience, net promoter scores and real time feedback to promote business enhancement opportunities. Find out more about the Customer Experience Index.

ScriptMAP 2020

Forecast business remuneration out to 2020 and assess the expectation for alternative business strategies. Find out more about ScriptMAP 2020.

Professional Services Viability Tool

Helps to understand potential profit available from provision of services and associated support sales. Find out more about the Professional Services Viability Tool.

Opportunity Analysis Tool

Helps identify opportunities available for professional services under 6CPA. Find out more about the Opportunity Analysis Tool on the Health Advice Plus website.

Health Advice Plus Program

Program focussed on change management and operational workflows to support implementation of professional health services. Find out more about the Health Advice Plus program.

Vaccination support tools

From accredited training to local area marketing, to in-store promotion and checklists, the Guild has the tools you need to start delivering this valuable health service. Find out more about vaccination support tools.

Community Pharmacy to General Practice (CP2GP)

The Community Pharmacy to General Practice (CP2GP) initiative is a joint project with Telstra Health to better connect community pharmacies with GP services through two key solutions. Find out more about the CP2GP initiative.

MedsASSIST – Informing Medicine Decisions

MedsASSIST is the real-time recording and monitoring system for medicines containing codeine, developed in response to concerns over patient safety relating to these medicines. Find out more about MedsASSIST.

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Page last updated 18 January 2019