Community Pharmacy 2025

Community Pharmacy 2025 (CP2025) enables the Guild to develop a vision to enable community pharmacies to have a viable, longer-term future as an integral part of the Australian health care system serving the needs of increasingly empowered health consumers.

About CP2025

Explore our Growth Pathways
Health Services
Provide health services in the pharmacy, including, medication management, preventative health, screening and chronic disease support.
Community Health Hub
Enable other health professionals to provide patient services making community pharmacy a health hub.
Digital Enablement
Integrate digital health into community pharmacy practice and embrace digital technologies as a whole-of-business enabler.
Business Operations
Modify back office operations to make use of assets, supply chain, administrative processes and people.
In-Home Care
Provide a range of medication and other health services to patients in their homes.
Collaborations and Partnerships
Collaborate and partner with other health providers, local health networks, medicines companies, researchers and government.
Introduce automation to reduce manual processes and focus staff on patient care activities.
Leverage Brand
Align brand with patient offering and leverage with own-brand, banner or Gold Cross products
Review Products
Use product range to leverage physical distribution network and enable growth pathways