The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is a single legal entity with branches in each state and territory to serve members and assist the National Council and National Executive in carrying out its aims and objectives.

Branch activities centre on the day-to-day servicing of members in such fields as industrial relations, marketing, staff training, and product and economic information.

The National Council is the supreme governing body. It lays down all Guild policies, decides major issues and has the power to amend the Constitution, subject to referendum where required. Supporting National Council in the development of policies is a number of national committees that undertake research, examine strategies, provide advice and recommend policy approaches.

The Executive Director is entrusted with implementing the policies and decisions of National Council through the National Secretariat, a small, flexible organisation with salaried, professional and administrative staff, and consultants engaged as required. The Secretariat is located in the Parliamentary Zone in Canberra, close to Parliament House. The National President works closely with the Executive Director and the Secretariat, and is the main spokesperson for the Guild. While always a pharmacist proprietor, the role of National President is effectively full-time.

National Secretariat operations focus on the following areas: Pharmacy Viability; Pharmacy Transformation; Engagement and Advocacy; and Corporate Governance and Services.

Guild Organisation Structure

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Page last updated on: 27 May 2021