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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia  is a national employers’ organisation with over 90 years of experience in representing and promoting the value of the role of community pharmacy in the Australian health care system. Community pharmacies are a vital part of our national health system with the potential to make an even bigger contribution to the health of all Australians.

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Through the collective power of membership you will receive unparalleled support and services, based on four points of excellence that ensure your community pharmacy realises its full potential.

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When you support The Guild, you lend your voice to a powerful group of advocates with a single focus: to maintain and promote the interests of Community Pharmacy in Australia.

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Whatever stage of your career, the Guild offers rewarding and challenging opportunities in a variety of roles.

Our purpose

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is the national peak body representing community pharmacy. It seeks to serve the interests of its members and to support community pharmacy in its role delivering quality health outcomes for all Australians.

The Guild is committed to supporting and maintaining the community pharmacy model as the most appropriate and efficient system of delivering medicines, medication management and related services to the Australian public.

Over 5700 community pharmacies across Australia dispense over 300 million prescriptions annually. .

A major Guild activity at all levels is close liaison and negotiation with governments, manufacturers, wholesalers and other organisations in the health care delivery system.

The Guild is registered under the Federal Fair Work Act (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 as an employers' organisation.


The Pharmacy Guild of Australia was established in 1928 as the Federated Pharmaceutical Services Guild of Australia and was registered under the Federal Industrial Relations Act as an employers’ organisation for the owners of community pharmacies. It was set up to serve the interests of its members. Over 90 years later, it continues to serve its members and the Australian public who value their local pharmacy.

Aims and objectives of the Guild

The Guild seeks to maintain community pharmacies as the most appropriate primary providers of health care to the community through optimum therapeutic use of drugs, drug management and related services.

As a member organisation, the Guild strives to provide compelling member value. It will achieve this through:

  • Ensuring community pharmacy sustainability
  • Provision of innovative business solutions and support to members
  • Effective communication to create conversation with members
  • Effective communication to support the community’s understanding of the value of community pharmacy, especially in its role in underpinning the timely and equitable supply of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme medicines for all Australians

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to be respected and influential as the peak body representing our members and advancing community pharmacy in Australia.

Our mission is to enable and sustain community pharmacy as a key element of Australia’s primary health infrastructure through ongoing advocacy, continuous innovation and enduring business solutions.

We have five core values and behaviours:

  • respect – respect our role as an advocate for community pharmacy and communicate constructively and respectfully
  • integrity – be honest and ethical in our dealings, and use Guild resources appropriately and effectively
  • compassion and community – genuinely care for the wellbeing of others, and participate in the Guild’s workplace community
  • equity and fairness – encourage diverse ideas, opinions and work styles, and share information and knowledge openly
  • reliability – take personal responsibility for our actions, focus on solutions and be willing to take on challenges.

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Policies & Position Statements

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Contact the Guild

The Guild provides a wide range of methods to get in touch. Contact us directly or use the feedback form (available at just underneath the menu bar at the top of the page, or via the menu in mobile view).

For membership enquiries, we recommend getting in touch with your local branch membership manager.

National Secretariat

Level 2, Pharmacy Guild House

15 National Circuit

Barton ACT 2600

PO BOX 310



Ph: 13GUILD (13 484 53)

Fax: 02 6270 1800


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