Workforce Capability

Workforce Capability is an ongoing research initiative by The Guild to understand factors contributing to workforce shortages and what will drive change and improvement to ensure pharmacy can attract and maintain the right people with the right skills.

About Workforce Capability

The Guild has pulled together insights gained from research and consultation with member and non-member pharmacy owners, government and industry across a range of topics critical to community pharmacy's success, including:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Remuneration
  • Training and Qualifications
  • Immigration
  • Workforce Skills and Capabilities
  • Career Paths

Research is being undertaken into each focus area (above) and it will form the basis of the Guild’s ongoing advocacy and strategic decision-making. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, understanding the capabilities of the community pharmacy workforce is crucial for meeting current primary health demands and ensuring long-term viability.

Our hope is that this data will shape policy reform and ensure that community pharmacy remains at the forefront of accessible, high-quality healthcare for all.

Who can participate?

We need you!

We are seeking participation from all Australian community pharmacy owners to understand pharmacy workforce needs. Participation is not limited to Guild members as we want to understand the needs of all community pharmacies.


  • Training & Qualifications
  • Career Paths
  • Pharmacy Profile
  • Migration Report
  • Supply & Demand
  • Workforce Remuneration Trends

Training & Qualifications

The Training & Qualiifications Report is now available.

The Training and Qualifications report outlines current training and qualifications for pharmacy staff. This report examines both professional and non-professional qualifications across both the Community and Hospital Pharmacy sectors in Australia, and includes information and data concerning course requirements, enrolments, and completions.

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Career Paths

The Career Paths Report is now available.

This report explores the available career pathways within the Australian pharmacy sector for pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and dispensary assistants/pharmacy technicians.

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Pharmacy Profile

The Pharmacy Profile provides a brief overview of the current pharmacy workforce within Australia.

This gives insight into the structure of the workforce, roles within different pharmacy settings, training requirements and working conditions for pharmacy staff.

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Migration Report

Member only report

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The Migration Report is now available.

The report explores the use of skilled migrants in the pharmacy industry, in relation to labour shortages, pharmacy practice and workforce capability and productivity.

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Supply & Demand

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The Community Pharmacy Workforce Supply and Demand Report identifies current and future supply and demand for the pharmacist workforce.

This includes special insight into community pharmacists as well as some initial consideration of the non-professional pharmacy workforce.

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Workforce Remuneration Trends

Member only report

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The project’s latest report, Community Pharmacy Workforce Remuneration Trends, is now available.

The report provides a summary of remuneration within the pharmacy sector, focusing on awards, enterprise agreements and market rates. It examines key factors that influence remuneration, including the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wage Price Index (WPI), Minimum Wage and location. Additionally, remuneration findings specific to community pharmacy are covered.

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Remuneration Report

The 2023-2024 Community Pharmacy Renumeration Report is now available.

The primary purpose of the Remuneration Report is to provide a snapshot of actual remuneration rates being paid in community pharmacy for the relevant financial year.

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More information

To learn more about this research initiative, contact the Workplace Capability team at the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, National Secretariat.

Email the team: