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Focusing on pharmacy management and ownership, the PBCN supports the improvement and growth of your business performance with insights and advice from a range of industry professionals.

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Episode 50: Guild Pharmacy of the Year 2020 Category Winner – Professional Innovation with Elise Wheadon
Published Monday 29 June

Episode 49: ePrescribing on the Horizon with Jason Bratuskins; community pharmacist and FRED IT group
Published 15 June 2020

Episode 48: Heart180 – How a Defibrillator Can Help You Save a Life – with Guy Leech
Published 1 June 2020

Episode 47: Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing with Kay Dunkley and Helen Lowy
Published 18 May 2020

Episode 46: Guild Pharmacy of the Year 2020 Overall Winner and Business Management Category Winner - Capital Chemist Chisholm with Rebecca Young
Published 4 May 2020

Episode 45: The Digital Journey with Chris Clark
Published 20 April 2020

Episode 44: George Tambassis, National President, Discusses COVID-19
Published Tuesday 7 April

Episode 43: COVID-19 – How Do I Prepare My Pharmacy For The Coronavirus
Published 22 March 2020

Episode 42: Responding to the bushfire emergency with Andrew Topp and Danielle Campbell
Published 9 March 2020

Episode 41: Recruiting For Pharmacy Roles with Merryn Hailes
Published 24th February 2020

Episode 40: Eleven Pieces of Marketing Advice For Your Pharmacy with Daniel Oyston
Published 10 February 2020

Episode 39: Reconciliation, 'What has It Got To Do With Me?' with John Briggs
Published Monday 27 January 2020

Episode 38: How to Thrive in a Multi-Generational Workplace with Nicky Mackie
Published 13 January 2020

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