Accelerated program

Date: 11 August 2021

The Government has announced an accelerated and simplified roll-out of the vaccination program which should see 3,500 pharmacies having more vaccines in their fridges and able to vaccinate more Australians this week.

Pharmacy Guild National President Trent Twomey said current lockdowns were different because this time vaccines were available. The accelerated role of pharmacists in the national vaccination effort brings new hope for better health and economic outcomes.

“With pharmacists now fully engaged, we have real hope for faster availability of vaccinations,” Mr Twomey said.

“I encourage Australians to make contact with their community pharmacy and arrange their vaccination.

“The good health of Australians is paramount, which is why your trusted community pharmacist can be relied on to keep you, your family and others around you safe,” he said.

“Your community pharmacist is a highly skilled, highly trained professional and can deliver your vaccination soon and efficiently.”

Further Government advice is being distributed now to pharmacists and extra vaccine doses will be made available through pharmacies in a matter of days, not weeks, Mr Twomey said.

“We are principally concerned to maintain the good health of Australians, but there are also huge economic and social benefits now directly ahead of us.

“As the Reserve Bank has made clear today, the quicker everyone gets vaccinated the less economic damage we will incur, and the faster we can open up.

“The message is now more important than ever: If you are over 18, get the vaccine.”

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