Doing us all proud

Date: 13 October 2021

By Suzanne Greenwood, Executive Director

Before this once-in-a-century pandemic, our community pharmacists were right up there among the most trusted professionals in Australian society. Now it is even more so.

With pharmacists being given the green light, State and Territory vaccination rates are skyrocketing.

Today, thousands upon thousands of pharmacists are vaccinating towards Australia’s return to normal, or at least a ‘new normal’.

This delivery of service, when Australia is in such heavy need, is only serving to entrench the strength of public trust.

We urged Moderna vaccines be available for ages 12 and up. Our calls have been heeded. The TGA’s final approval for Moderna reached down through the teen years to this 12+ age group. As well, Moderna is now a choice for over 60s in all States and Territories. The Guild worked for these important expansions to consumer choice.

It means that, right now, Moderna vaccinations are available to all Australians aged 12 and over; AstraZeneca to all Australians aged 18 and over (check state/territory regulations).

People have come to see how their community pharmacist is accessible over long trading hours, delivers safe and effective vaccinations, takes care of the paperwork and can answer all the questions.

The Guild recognised quickly that formal arrangements with corporate entities could help accelerate the rollout. And increasingly, the corporate sector is reaching out for a helping hand by partnering with pharmacists.

The number of formal agreements between the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and business groups – from peak bodies to individual companies – continues to grow almost by the day. Our Corporate Vaccination Program means employees can choose when and where they obtain their dose/s with little or no “down time”. From Master Builders Australia to the Australian Logistics Council membership, all are promoting a dedicated portal to get the job done – fast.

Corporate vaccination partnerships are happening at a national level – but not only at a national level. Tasmania’s Chamber of Commerce has worked closely with the Guild and sealed a deal. This announcement, in mid-September, was met with enthusiastic media and public interest.

Independent retailers; small business owners; individual companies from Qube Logistics to Pickering Transport Group, DHL Express, Ron Finemore Transport, Volvo Group Australia, Pacific National and the Australian Rail Track Corporation – all these and so many more want their employees protected and are tapping into the community pharmacist network Australia-wide to achieve just that.

There’s one action through the Guild’s Corporate Vaccination program which particularly warms our hearts.

When vaccines against COVID first became available, there was considerable emphasis towards accelerating the effort for clients of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We’ve now taken hold of that effort, with both hands. At the end of September, the Guild sealed agreement with the NDIA giving the scheme’s participants and providers an easy access link or QR code for booking, through direct NDIA communications. We’ve created a pathway for this clientele, a wonderful and valued sector of our society.

All this is being achieved under the banner of the Pharmacy Guild’s Corporate Vaccination program. It’s a huge step forward in delivering the vaccinations Australians want and need – now. The corporate program is a practical outcome meeting a national need.

Australians need and deserve the right to make informed choices on their vaccinations. Community pharmacists are absolutely doing us all proud in meeting and exceeding patients’ needs.

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