Are pharmacists the answer to osteo care?

8 November 2023

Researchers at Curtin University are about to embark on a joint study to investigate whether community pharmacists should take a more active role in the care of patients with osteoarthritis.

The condition is a leading cause of pain and disability affecting one in five Australians over the age of 45.

It’s also estimated to cost the economy $23 billion each year in loss of income and productivity.

The researchers at Curtin have partnered with University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, the University of Otago and Auckland University of Technology.

They will conduct a nationwide survey of community pharmacists to assess their willingness and preparedness to deliver high-level care to patients suffering with osteoarthritis.

Dr Kim Watkins a community pharmacist and lead researcher at Curtin’s School of Allied Health says even though pharmacists are one of the most accessible allied healthcare professionals, they are possibly being overlooked to provide care to osteoarthritis sufferers.

“Many patients do not receive timely care to improve their function and manage pain, and the more than 6000 community pharmacies across Australia could potentially play a more defined role in bridging these gaps. We need to investigate these possibilities by hearing from pharmacists – what do they think is feasible?” she said.

Pharmacists who are interested in participating in the survey can find out more by clicking here.

Listen to our recent Pharmacy Business and Career Network podcast episode with Ultan O’Dwyer, General Manager at Arthritis Queensland.

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