Agreement breakthrough in 8CPA

20 March 2024

After six months of solid negotiations, The Pharmacy Guild has reached an historic Heads of Agreement in March with the Albanese Labor Government to secure Australia’s 8th Community Pharmacy Agreement (8CPA).

The Guild’s National President Professor Trent Twomey announced the agreement at the 2024 Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP2024) on the Gold Coast last Thursday (March 14).

Professor Twomey told the conference, “Your Guild has always been fully committed to signing a CPA that delivers more affordable medicines to patients, while ensuring a vibrant and growing community pharmacy industry.”

The agreement follows last year’s ‘Save Your Local Pharmacy’ campaign in response to the Government’s move to 60-day dispensing.

“Having resolved our differences, your Guild looks forward to working with the Commonwealth Government to continue delivering world-class community healthcare to Australian patients,” Professor Twomey told the conference.

Specifically, Professor Twomey announced:

  1. A Heads of Agreement for a new Community Pharmacy Agreement has been signed by the Commonwealth Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia;
  2. The Heads of Agreement reflects an intended Australian Government investment of up to an additional $3 billion in community pharmacy, and in cheaper medicines;
  3. The full details of the measures contained in the Heads of Agreement remain to be finalised by the parties as soon as practicable; and
  4. The parties will use their best endeavours to agree an 8CPA commencing from 1 July 2024.

The next phase is for the Guild, the Government and the Department of Health and Aged Care to negotiate the finer details of the agreement.

“We thank the Government, in particular the Prime Minister and Health Minister and the Department for the months of effort and work to reach this point,” Professor Twomey said.

“Once the details are settled, the Guild will be travelling around the country via our State of the Industry Roadshows.”

“The Guild will explain to our members and the industry what is included in the agreement, the benefits for patients and the bright future ahead for community pharmacy.”

Page last updated on: 20 March 2024