Be Part of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is a membership organisation representing the owners of independent community pharmacies and is recognised as one of the strongest employer groups in the country.

For the past 80 years, the Pharmacy Guild has worked to maintain community pharmacies as the most appropriate primary providers of healthcare to the community through the optimum use of medicines, medicine management and related services.

The Pharmacy Guild provides an important network for social and professional development through its advocacy, support and advice lines, training and research resources, continuing professional education seminars and conferences, events and referral services.

Why Being a Member is So Important

With heavy work demands, time constraints and a dynamic pharmacy environment, use your Pharmacy Guild membership to make running your business easier. Membership is an investment in your business’s future.

Members can contribute to the business affairs of the organisation, shape policy directions and participate as an elected officer for the Pharmacy Guild. Members may stand for a position on the Branch Committee and be involved with shaping the future of community pharmacy.

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Page last updated on: 24 May 2024