Frequently Asked Questions

What are competencies?

Competencies are lists of skills or knowledge. They describe what the pharmacy industry accepts as effective performance in the pharmacy, and include the skills and knowledge needed to do a job. The Community Pharmacy Training Package contains lists of competencies that a pharmacy or dispensary assistant is expected to complete or demonstrate in the workplace.

What does being competent mean?

Being competent means a number of different things:

  • Knowing how to do a job
  • Knowing the different steps involved in the job
  • Understanding how to complete the job successfully
  • Knowing why we do a job in certain ways
  • Dealing with everyday problems and unexpected situations
  • Knowing how to fix problems
  • Understanding your pharmacy’s policies and procedures
  • Knowing when and how to apply your pharmacy’s policies and procedures to jobs you complete
  • Working with others in the pharmacy and working with others to complete new jobs

How long does the process take?

The time taken to complete the assessment process will vary depending upon how much information you provide and the process used to make the assessment. It will also depend on the number of units for which you are seeking credit.

If you provide us with comprehensive and complete information you may find the initial assessment process is completed within two weeks. However, if the information that you provide is incomplete, the process may take longer, as we will need to gather further evidence.

What if I don’t have copies of courses or training that I have undertaken in the past?

Contact the organisation that provided you with the training. They may have a record of your training, and can provide you with another certificate. Other people may be able to verify that you attended and completed the course. Speak to your pharmacist or previous employer and see if they have any record of your attendance. If you don’t have any records, then you may need to complete a statutory declaration.

How much information and evidence should I provide?

Your Guild Trainer will make a judgment about your skills and knowledge based on the evidence that you provide. If you provide us with complete and comprehensive evidence then the process will be easier. If your evidence is incomplete or lacks detail then we will need to spend more time finding out what skills and knowledge you have.

Look at the list of evidence and the examples of how to complete a Unit Claim form, which is provided in the kit, and use it as a guide. It may be useful to discuss the Unit Descriptors with your pharmacist or workplace supervisor and brainstorm a list of the evidence that you could use.

Can I use my evidence more than once?

Yes. The evidence that you provide may cover a number of different units. For example, your job description may provide evidence for ‘Interact with Customers’ as well as ‘Communicate in the Workplace’. Your resume or training certificates may also cover more than one unit, therefore they can be listed more than once. However, you only need to provide one copy of the documents you are providing as evidence.

What if I do not agree with the assessment?

If you do not agree with the assessment you have the right to appeal. You should contact the Training Manager at your State branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Training Manager will inform you of the appeal process.

How much does it cost?

Certificate II in Community Pharmacy *$495.00
Certificate III in Community Pharmacy (Certificate II units already completed) *$900.00
Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy (Certificate II and III units completed) *$1200.00
RPL – Additional units *$70.00
Old Certificate II to new Certificate II – certificate only *$50.00

*Guild Member price only

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Page last updated on: 27 May 2021