Pharmacy Assistant Training

Guild Learning & Development offers tailored learning solutions to ensure the best outcome for both pharmacy assistants and the pharmacy, resulting in increased sales, health advice and customer service.  Contact the Tas Branch Training Team for further information to work out the best training program to meet your pharmacy’s needs.
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Needle & Syringe Training

The Tasmanian Branch of the Guild in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services of Tasmania, have produced this on-line learning resource for Pharmacy Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) workers in Tasmania to enhance their capacity to assist clients seeking injecting equipment.   After completing the program participants will be familiar with the Needle and Syringe Program that operates in Tasmania.

Intern Pharmacist Training

The Guild Intern Training Program is a nationwide program that is at the forefront of community pharmacy, delivering a combination of both clinical and practical content to ensure graduates enter the industry with the skills to succeed.

Pharmacist Vaccination Services in Tasmania â€‹

The Guild's Pharmacist Vaccination training provides participants with a range of knowledge and skills to safely and competently provide immunisations to people within the community pharmacy environment.

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