myGuild FAQs

What is myGuild?

myGuild is the Guild's website log in system, allowing you to use the same username and password to access a range of Guild services across different websites, such as Health Advice Plus, Find A Pharmacy, etc.

The myGuild sidebar stores all the important information you need to remain connected with resources available from the Guild. This includes quick links to member-only tools and services, such as wage rates, etc.

myGuild also allows you to update your information including your subscription preferences and pharmacy information, such as trading hours and pharmacy services, to be displayed on the Find A Pharmacy website.

Access all of this plus more in one place, eliminating the need for multiple passwords.

Register for your myGuild account by contacting your branch to receive your unique registration link, then start exploring!

The information on your pharmacy which you can update through myGuild represents the data we have in our Guild Electronic Membership Management database (GEMM). Relevant information from GEMM updates through to the Find A Pharmacy website in real time. This allows your existing and prospective customers access to up to date information such as your opening hours, services provided and languages spoken.

Pharmacy Services can be updated by members. To update via the MyGuild portal follow this guide or instructional video.

When you have logged into the Guild website, additional menu items will be available through the myGuild section. Within each of these sections you will be able to view and update the information we have on you and your pharmacy as well as managing your subscription preferences.

You can request access for your staff members to access myGuild by filling out this permissions form. There are three access levels that are available and you are able to select all that apply to your staff member:

  • Access to the website member only content
  • Access to the myGuild menu to update pharmacy details and subscriptions
  • Become the authorised IR contact

Return the permissions form to your branch via fax or email.

Once the form is processed, your staff member will receive their registration link to their nominated email address (this email address must be unique to them).

Do you need some more help?

Contact your branch staff for information and assistance.

Page last updated on: 10 May 2023