Early career pharmacist initiatives

11 January 2023

A large number of initiatives contributing to global health and policy development have been implemented by groups of early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world, according to a paper published in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

The findings come from a cross-sectional survey conducted by FIP’s Early Career Pharmaceutical Group (ECPG).

“Sharing these initiatives will be useful for other ECPGs who may wish to initiate similar activities according to their needs and priorities.

“It also shines a light on the good work these groups are doing to contribute to global health and highlights that more needs to be done to ensure their efforts are connected into broader society and national health strategies,” the authors say.

Thirty national ECPGs across six regions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) participated in the survey.

Most of the initiatives led by ECPGs focused on health and wellbeing, quality of education and partnership.

The most common activities were webinars, social events and partnerships with other organisations. In terms of global health challenges listed by the WHO, the most common initiatives led by ECPGs were related to medicines access and medicines safety.

There was some involvement of early career pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and ECPGs in the policy and regulation in their countries across various topics.

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