New edition of National Medicines Policy

11 January 2023

The second edition of Australia’s National Medicines Policy (NMP), which was first published in 2000, has now been released.

The NMP is a high-level framework focused on the availability and the use of medicines and medicines related services.

It relates to medicines research and development, manufacture, regulation, evaluation, supply, dispensing, storage and access. It promotes the quality use of medicines and medicines safety by focusing on the current and future health needs of people and the responsibilities of all partners to achieve the best health, social and economic outcomes for all Australians.

The NMP identifies and brings together all partners around a common aim and a shared responsibility for policy stewardship. The NMP acknowledges the fundamental role of consumers in achieving the policy aim by placing the individual at the centre, and by focusing on and responding to the needs of Australia’s diverse population.

The success of the NMP relies upon shared decision-making, strategic partnerships and the involvement of people with lived experience in the co-design, development, implementation and evaluation of related policies, strategies, programs and initiatives.

The NMP influences, and is influenced by, other related policies, strategies, legislation, programs and initiatives across Australia’s health, social and economic systems. Achieving the NMP’s vision and aim requires close alignment with key areas of health reform in Australia and action across Ministerial portfolios and Australian, state and territory levels of government.

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