Launching your pharmacy career? Reach for the stars!

8 February 2023

By Suzanne Greenwood, Executive Director

We had a fabulous NAPSA Congress here in Canberra just a few weeks ago.

It happened to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the devastating bushfires which swept through the capital.

I had the pleasure of addressing students and their distinguished guests at the event’s Gala Ball and I talked about how our pharmacists rise to the challenge in the wake of national disasters like the bushfires which struck Canberra back in 2003.

The theme for the night was “Reach for the Stars” and that’s exactly what I told students they should be aiming for.

In fact, what I said then I’ll say again here to anyone either studying pharmacy or is just starting out in our wonderful industry.

Pharmacy is a noble profession. The hope of pharmacy is not a small ambition – you will all strive for better health and wellness outcomes for all Australians.

From the very young to our older Australians, from the cities to the outback, you will be there helping people in every community.

Australians know they can always count on their local pharmacy – your mandate is to continue to study hard and apply yourselves and become the health professionals that Australia needs you to be. Now more than ever.

So, on behalf of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia – thank you for choosing to become pharmacists and thank you on behalf of the patients that you will make a difference for into the future.

It would be nice to think that Australia will never have another bad bushfire or flood, or other natural or unnatural event, that threatens the health and wellness of people – but as you reach for the stars, you will be here as primary health care professionals to care for us all.

May you be values based, vision driven and inspirational in your pharmacy career.

Thank you for choosing to become pharmacists.

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