Payroll tax should be fair and equitable for all

Date: 13 September 2023

The Pharmacy Guild’s Victorian Branch President, Anthony Tassone has said while no-one likes paying taxes, payroll tax is a well-established cost of running a business or health practice including pharmacies, and for other primary healthcare and allied health professionals.

His comments are in response to doctors launching a campaign against the Victorian Government by posting anti payroll tax messages on their medical bills.

Doctors are opposing a move for independent GPs working in medical centres to be subjected to payroll tax for the first time following a ruling by the Victorian and New South Wales state revenue offices.

“Many hard-working health professions, including community pharmacies, dentist practices and physiotherapy clinics amongst others are already complying with the legislation and paying their fair share of payroll tax,’ said Mr Tassone.

“Tax should be as low as it can be, tax should be fair, and tax should be paid.

“Payroll tax should be applied consistently for all,” he said.

“Why should one health profession receive an exemption and not others? If the Victorian Government grants a payroll tax exemption to some GP practices, the Government should do the same for all primary healthcare professionals.

“It’s important that patients have more options when it comes to primary healthcare due to the challenges of getting an appointment with a GP in a timely manner—exemptions in payroll tax and special treatment for general practice is not the answer,” Mr Tassone said.

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