World Pharmacists Day is coming up

13 September 2023

The Guild is celebrating World Pharmacists Day which falls on Monday, 25 September.

The day is an annual celebration to promote the role of community pharmacists in improving health all over the world as well as our local communities.

This year's theme is “Pharmacy strengthening health systems.”

Pharmacy Guild National President Professor Trent Twomey says by celebrating World Pharmacists Day, we are publicly recognising the vital role pharmacists play in caring for the health of patients, especially in recent times.

“I say to all community pharmacists you have been reliable in times of crisis; your doors have stayed open when others were closed and you are always there on the frontline for all Australians,” Professor Twomey said.

Guild members can soon expect to receive a digital tool kit which will include social media tiles for pharmacists to promote the event through their social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

There will also be posters and banners printed out to be displayed at community pharmacies throughout the country.

Using the theme “Pharmacy strengthening health systems”, World Pharmacists Day is also an opportunity to tell the public the vital role community pharmacists play as primary healthcare providers.

This includes promoting the benefits to patients of a wider scope of practice and of the need for a national uniform approach to pharmacists prescribing.

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