World Pharmacist Day 2020: Improving the safe use of medicines through pharmacy

Date: 25 September 2020

Minister for Health Greg Hunt has recently announced the Morrison Government's investment of $25 million through the landmark Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) for research to improve the safe use of medicines and medicines intervention by pharmacists.

The new Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of Medicine Use and Medicine Intervention by Pharmacists MRFF Grant Opportunity will support the Quality Use of Medicine and Medicine Safety National Health Priority, and is part of the Governments significant ongoing investments aimed at improving access to medicines and the safe use of medicines in the community.

Updates to the 7CPA and extension to current COVID-19 measures:

Two key improvements to community pharmacy programs through the 7CPA are now confirmed:

  • From 1 January 2021, the Dose Administration Aids (DAA) program will increase its base cap of 30 to 60 services per week.
  • From 1 January 2021 the Government will be boosting its investment in the Rural Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance (RPMA), to ensure people living in rural, regional and remote Australia have access to medicines and pharmacy services.

The existing medicines related COVID-19 measures, including the Home Medicines Delivery Service and Continued Dispensing emergency arrangements will also continue for a further six months in line with other COVID-19 health measures.

The Home Medicines Service, introduced in March 2020 as part of this Government’s response to COVID-19, will continue to the end of March 2021. Similarly, the Continued Dispending emergency arrangements have also been extended to 31 March 2021.

The full announcement can be read here.

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Page last updated on: 25 September 2020