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A range of calculators and tools to ensure that your business is viable. Understand the impact of the 7CPA agreement, determine professional services revenue and costs, and discover new market opportunities.

7CPA Calculator

7CPA Calculator

Calculate your forecasted remuneration under the 7CPA agreement based on prescriptions and professional services fulfilled.

Professional Services Viability

Professional Services Viability

Determine your service fees based on your costs, ideal profit margins, and competive environment.

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Understand your professional services and related revenue opportunities. Receive a customised report using your pharmacies data.

PBS Remuneration

Details on the government's latest PBS remuneration prices.

Latest PBS Price Changes

The Guild provides information on remuneration and upcoming price changes and PBS Schedule variations to assist members to monitor and plan from a business perspective

S100 Programmes

S100 Programmes

Details of alternative PBS remuneration for S100 medicines.

Includes S100 Highly Specialised Drugs Co-payment Program Portal for NSW pharmacies.

Survey Approvals

  • #587 - Gold Cross Products & Services

    Ongoing | Online | National

  • #833 - The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

    Ongoing | Email | National

  • #887 - Monash University

    Ongoing | Online | National

Latest Survey Reports

  • #880 - National Australia Bank

    Survey conducted by Gundabluey Research

  • #882 - Australian Government Department of Health

    Survey conducted by National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS)

  • #893 - Australian Government Department of Health

    Survey conducted by Ernst & Young


Download the latest reports from the Guild.

Guild Digest

The Guild Digest presents a snapshot of pharmacy operations in Australia for the preceding financial year.

Latest Guild Digest

More Guild Digest


The Pharmacy Rental Report is a guide to the commercial landscape currently facing community pharmacy in relation to leasing and landlord relationships

Latest Pharmacy Rental Report


Script Volume

The Script Volume Monitoring Report measures PBS volume at an industry level, as published by the Department of Health on a monthly basis. The report shows trends in annual rolling volume for items dispensed by co-payment status

Latest Script Volume Monitoring Reports


State of Industry

It presents information on trends in dispensary volumes and demographics, industry wide revenue, employment, pharmacy clinical services, special dispensing circumstances and a number of business indicators.

Latest State of the Industry Reports


Business Conditions

The Business Conditions Survey is an annual survey, conducted at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference, which seeks to assess the business conditions experienced by Guild members

Latest Business Conditions Reports

More Business conditions survey

Community Pharmacy 2025

Presentation at Pharmacy Connect

The Guild’s research project CP2025 has laid down a realistic vision and roadmap for community pharmacy. This session at Pharmacy Connect brought delegates up to speed on the likely direction of the sector.

Speakers: John Sheehy, CEO, Pottinger; Christine Chalmers, Senior Research Consultant, CoMPES Team, ORIMA Research; George Tambassis, National President, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia; David Quilty, Executive Director, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Download Presentation

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Latest News

Confidence in pharmacy at record high


11 May 2022

The success of the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement has contributed to a record high score in confidence in the pharmacy...

Pharmacists expanding immunisation coverage


11 May 2022

Pharmacists are contributing to expanded immunisation coverage globally, thereby reducing illness and deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Australian Healthcare Index


11 May 2022

The Australian Patients Association’s latest Australian Healthcare Index reinforces that many Australians are finding medicines unaffordable.

2022 Pharmacy Rental Report


13 April 2022

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has produced the 2022 Pharmacy Rental Report, an invaluable guide to the commercial landscape facing...

Business planning for the year ahead


09 February 2022

The Covid response has significantly impacted pharmacy operations, often owners and their teams having to scramble to make changes to...

1 February 2022 Price Changes

Guild Alert

18 January 2022

The Guild has now received the confirmed PBS price changes from the Government for 1 February 2022.

Funding cut reversal welcomed


12 January 2022

The decision by the Australian Government, advised by National Cabinet, to reverse funding cuts for pharmacists and GPs delivering booster shots...

Reversal of funding cuts for community pharmacists and GPs welcomed

Media Release

22 December 2021

The decision by the Australian Government, advised by National Cabinet today to reverse funding cuts for pharmacists and GPs delivering...

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