Guild Digest

The Guild Digest presents a snapshot of pharmacy operations in Australia for the preceding financial year.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a financial benchmarking tool for community pharmacy owners, managers and financial advisers in a rapidly evolving economic environment. It is also used by banks and pharmacy brokers to assist with pharmacy valuations, and in negotiations with Government for Community Pharmacy Agreements.

To make sure Community Pharmacy is properly represented with the facts, the Guild conducts the Guild Digest Survey, an annual industry-wide survey. To ensure you get the remuneration your specific business needs, your pharmacy needs to be represented in the Digest.

2022 Survey

Guild Digest survey for financial year 2020 - 21 is now available.

Guild Digest 2021

Guild Digest 2021 has been released relating to financial year 2019-20.

Guild Digest 2021

The Guild continues to maintain a consistent, rigorous and detailed approach to this reliable and respected publication. The Guild Digest relies on a comprehensive annual survey of Guild member pharmacies.

By participating in this survey, you consent to the transfer of the information you submit to The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild). The Pharmacy Guild of Australia will use the record level information for confidential internal research purposes only, and analysis produced by the Guild will only be used externally in an aggregated or collated format. The information will not be disclosed to a third party and will be handled by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

If you would like to discuss how to apply the Digest to your business, please email


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