Digital Health

Digital Health Hub

This Digital Health Hub is designed to support Guild members in accessing authoritative information and guidance on community pharmacy-related digital health initiatives and opportunities.

Community Pharmacy and Digital Health

Community pharmacy in Australia leads the way in its willingness to embrace digital health and adopt innovative technologies and strategies in its mission to offer the highest standard of pharmacy and health care services.

Whether those innovations are technological, systematic or strategic in nature, the Guild is developing the necessary infrastructure and culture to implement innovation efficiently across the community pharmacy network and in such a way as to deliver significant benefits to the public.

The Guild has identified and prioritised its digital health strategy for Community Pharmacy through its agreement with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) and through its major strategic planning project, CP2025.

Access the Guild’s CP2025 Framework for Change

The Guild is working with the ADHA on a range of digital enablement project focusing on:

  • Increasing community pharmacy’s meaningful clinical use of the My Health Record system and other digital health services
  • Providing ongoing education and training to maximise medicines safety benefits from the community pharmacies’ ongoing interaction with the My Health Record System, and
  • Developing strategic drivers for future business models that could be aligned by the National Digital Health Strategy and support community pharmacy into its professional services model of the future. Initiatives such as shared care planning, transitional care such as post-hospital discharge medicines reconciliation, Telehealth and Telemedicine; and My Health Record system interoperability with other Community Pharmacy CIS professional service software platforms.

Access the National Digital Health Strategy

Page last updated on: 18 August 2020