2019 Rural and remote pharmacy video competition

Taroom Pharmacy is the first prize winner for Best Video in the Pharmacy Guild’s 2019 video competition for rural, regional and remote pharmacies across Australia.

The second prize, the People’s Choice, was awarded to Gemfields Pharmacy, while the Influencing Change award went to Thursday Island Pharmacy.

As part of the Your Future Is Now theme of the Rural Pharmacy Forum at APP2019, rural, regional and remote pharmacists and their staff were invited to submit a 30-45 second video about their vision for the future for their unique pharmacies.

The Your Future Is Now theme aligns with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s major project, Community Pharmacy 2025 (CP2025), which provides a vision for a vibrant, dynamic and commercial community pharmacy network into 2025 and beyond.

The competition asked pharmacies to produce a video showing how this vision applies to rural, regional and remote pharmacies and how pharmacists and staff in these areas have taken their futures into their own hands.

By highlighting how working and living in rural Australia offers amazing and unique opportunities, an aim of the video was to excite people enough so they would want to come and work with in these areas.

Winner of Best Video

Winner of People's Choice

Winner of Influencing Change

Page last updated on: 24 March 2023