Branch Committee 2017-2020

Mr Nick PanayiarisBranch
Mr An DoanNational Councillor 
Mr Paul SimmonsVice President (Finance) 
Mr Marc ApolloniVice President 
Mr Tim GrossVice President 
Mr Ian ToddBranch Committee member 
Ms Maja AjdukovicBranch Committee member 
Ms Renee WynneBranch Committee member 
Mr Adam PhillipsBranch Committee member 
Mr Fareed HeidariBranch Committee member

Branch Staff

Peter SchwarzBranch 359 688
Gillian StarrMembership and Business 526 071
Colleen WhittakerBusiness 443 988
Rebecca SmithPayroll 
Cindy RidgwellPayroll 
Matthew LehmanPayroll 
Marisa PalottaPayroll 
Jennifer BourneAdministration 
Victoria CosgroveBusiness Support 0422 932 036
Sofia CorboPayroll 
Julie JacobsonBranch 
Lucy RebeiroAccounts 
Lauren ScarmanTrainer/ 
Abby BarrattActing State Training

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