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There are many benefits associated with becoming a Member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Guild exists for the protection and betterment of its Members and is constantly advocating and representing the interests of its Members to the State and Federal bodies that direct the course of small business and health in Australia. In addition, the South Australian Branch offers Members a number of specialised products, services and information to assist them in operating successful, professional and profitable businesses for strong support of its membership base. We require the support of all pharmacy proprietors in order to continue building on the successes we have achieved to secure the future of Community Pharmacy.

Membership Categories

The Guild offers a range of membership options to registered pharmacists from full membership for pharmacy proprietors to student membership for pharmacy students. An annual subscription fee applied to all membership categories, with the exception of student membership. Subscription rates are determined by the National Council of the Guild in accordance with the Guild Constitution.

Full Membership

Full membership is offered to qualified, registered, registered pharmacy proprietors. Membership comprises of a 'proprietor' and a 'premises' component.

  • The 'proprietor' component is paid once for each proprietor in a pharmacy regardless of the number of pharmacies owned by a Member.
  • The 'premises' component is paid once for each pharmacy a Member owns regardless of the number of proprietors.
  Year 2020/2021
Proprietor$0  (excl. GST)
Premises $2550 (excl. GST)

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to those registered pharmacists who do not own a pharmacy. This includes pharmacist managers, pharmacist employees or pharmacist graduates. Associate membership provides pharmacists considering becoming pharmacy proprietors with a range of services, information and, most importantly, networking opportunities. Associate membership also provides limited industrial relations services.  A single annual membership fee applies.

  Year 2017/2018
Associate $180 (excl. GST)

Student Membership

Student membership is available to any student currently studying pharmacy, allowing pharmacy students to take the first step into membership of their future professional association. Students receive regular information updates via the South Australian Branch's monthly member publication, Guild news.

And it's absolutely FREE.

How to apply

If you are interested in Guild membership and require further information, please contact Gillian Starr at the Branch Office on 8304 8300.

If you would like to apply for membership, you may print and complete the relevant Application for Membership Form by clicking on the hyperlink, and send to . Once received, your application will be processed and then ratified at the next ordinary meeting of the Branch Committee.

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