HEART180 Partnership – saving lives by putting defibrillators within the reach of every Australian

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has entered into a partnership with Guy Leech Heart180 to promote the benefits of having an AED (defibrillator) located in or within a 180-second proximity of every Australian, by encouraging community pharmacies to become a known locality.

The partnership will also focus on encouraging pharmacies to have staff trained and confident in the use of an AED (defibrillator).

Guild members who purchase a defibrillator from Heart180 will be provided with access to the training modules to assist in the take-up in community pharmacies nationally.  The training is online and takes 15 minutes to complete – and is available to all pharmacy staff.

Established in 2016 as part of Guy Leech’s lifesaving and sports health programs, the Heart 180 mission is to “position an AED or Defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian” by December 2025. Heart 180’s goal is to reduce the impact of 30,000 lives lost annually to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Guy Leech holding a defibrilator

How do Members purchase?

Defibs are available to be purchased every day through Heart180

There are also Heart180 Packages available through Pharmacy Groups Pharmacy Platform, API, Terry White Chemmart and Sigma Healthcare, with more Pharmacy Groups and Brands coming on board every week. Currently Pharmacy package orders are collated through Scott Carpenter using the scott@heart180.com.au email address or mobile 0490 705 651.

See attached package deal flyer as an example: Heart180 Brochure

Time to deliver

From processing of order, defibs are delivered with registered tracking to CBD areas within 5 business days and an extra time allowance for regional and remote areas depending in freight logistics

Access to training/support material

Unlimited Heart180 online Training is currently provided to all team members – existing and new – to any business that purchases a Heart180 Defib unit.  In addition to this, there have been discussions to incorporate Guy’s Training into the Guild Academy as part of the MOU sign off which has now happened.

As a special arrangement for Guild Members, Guy Leech Heart180 will make available at no charge access to the Heart180 media files (on this page) and training modules

Marketing material including social assets

There is a suite of material available should you wish to use and promote to your patients. Download all - ZIP, 1739.34 KB

About Guy Leech Heart180

Established in 2016 as part of Guy Leech’s lifesaving and sports health programs, the Heart180 Mission is simple – ‘Position an AED or Defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian’.

The goal being to drastically reduce the impact of Australia’s biggest killer where 30,000 lives are lost each year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Guy Leech and the Heart 180 team have activated a national community-based movement around increasing awareness of critical heart health and SCA.

Heart180 strives to reach as many people as possible to improve understanding of the risk and to enable the Australian population to respond to an SCA event. Having a defibrillator located in as many community facilities, businesses and neighbourhood streets is just as important as having a smoke alarm or fire extinguisher available.

Heart180 currently has defibrillator programs with small, medium and large businesses, sporting facilities & gyms, farms, construction networks, Woolworths & IGA supermarkets, Harvey Norman & many Not for Profit organisations.

Page last updated on: 08 March 2024