Pharmacy Guild Membership

The Pharmacy Guild offers members a range of services and resources to support you and your business.

The Guild exists to serve its members. When times are tough your Guild can offer practical assistance. We defend businesses in need, offer workplace relations advice, help implement professional service programmes and identify opportunities to help maximise your income and remuneration.

Unlock a range of exclusive discounts and benefits with Guild membership

  • ShopRite
  • ShopRite Vehicle Purchasing
  • Empower Your Lease Negotiations
  • Local Business Support
  • Workplace Relations Support
  • QCPP Assistance
  • Member-only industry updates
  • Flexible payment terms


Take Advantage of Premium Member Benefits including, generous discounts on Electrical Appliances, Motor Vehicles, Furniture, Trades, Services, Lifestyle & Recreation.

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ShopRite Vehicle Purchasing

The ShopRite car buying service is renowned for its stress-free and first-class service. Receive assistance from start to finish with your purchase, ensuring members receive full dealer services without intervention from brokers or third parties. It's professional and personalised service all the way!

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Empower Your Lease Negotiations

By providing unparalleled leasing insights, LeaseMap empowers WA members to effectively manage lease events such as negotiations, reviews, renewals, and re-negotiations.

Compare your pharmacy’s lease to an individually tailored market reference point that is derived from other comparable pharmacy leases.

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Local Business Support

Unlimited access to tailored guidance and comprehensive resources for your business through our WA-based clinical, business and advocacy professionals.

Workplace Relations Support

Unlimited access to expert industrial relations advice and resources to ensure you stay updated with the latest employment laws and regulations. Our IR expert is on-hand to provide practical guidance and assistance with any staffing queries.

QCPP Assistance

Navigate QC2020 and remote assessments with ease!

Member-only industry updates

Receive up-to-the-minute updates on the latest developments and opportunities for the pharmacy sector.

Flexible payment terms

The Guild offers a range of payment terms to suit your financial needs, all at no extra cost.

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Page last updated on: 29 September 2023