National Council

The National Council is the supreme governing body of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. It lays down all Guild policies, decides major issues and has the power to amend the Constitution, subject to referendum where required.

The National President works closely with the National Secretariat, headed by the Executive Director, and is the main spokesperson for the Guild. While always a pharmacist proprietor (as with all National Councillors), the role of National President is effectively full-time.

National Councillors

Trent Twomey, National President

New South Wales

David Heffernan

Adele Tahan

Judith Plunkett


Anthony Tassone

Paul Krassaris


Chris Owen

Amanda Seeto

South Australia

Nick Panayiaris

Greg Scarlett

Western Australia

Andrew Ngeow

Natalie Willis


Helen O'Byrne

John Dowling

Australian Capital Territory

Simon Blacker

Northern Territory

Peter Hatswell

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Page last updated on: 27 May 2021