Survey Approvals

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has in place a vetting process for proposed industry surveys and studies which involve community pharmacists and pharmacy staff.

Many field research operators may seek to collect and use information for purposes not necessarily in the interest of those surveyed. It is therefore desirable that the credentials and objectives of the researchers be clearly ascertained beforehand. The Guild can do this more readily than individual members.

Each survey is approved for a limited time-frame – most for one month. In the case of long-standing/periodic surveys, approval is reviewed annually.

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For Members

A researcher who has been granted Guild endorsement should supply the survey certificate number when making contact to request participation of members. If the researcher fails to do so, members are advised to request this number from the researcher before agreeing to participate. All Guild endorsed survey certificate numbers are published below. If however, members require further clarifications on any surveys, questionnaires conducted by companies, individuals or market research groups, they are encouraged to contact the National Secretariat or the State and Territory Branches before participating.

Survey Approval Number Conducted By Conducted For Period of Approval Method Geographical Areas Purpose
587 The Nielsen Company Gold Cross Products & Services Ongoing Online National Your Pharmacy Matters (endorsed by Gold Cross Products and Services).
833 The Pharmacy Guild of Australia The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Ongoing Email National Evaluate satisfaction with the customer experience index.
887 Monash University Monash University Ongoing Online National To explore frontline health care workers’ perceptions, attitudes, and experiences of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey Approval Number Conducted By Conducted For Purpose
880 Gundabluey Research National Australia Bank Analyse current issues facing the Pharmacy sector and publish the survey findings in an Industry Practitioner Report and have web-based events to present and discuss results.
882 National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) Australian Government Department of Health The study is being conducted to assess the completeness of pharmacy-based vaccination data in Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and to identify potential barriers and enablers to reporting.
893 Ernst & Young Australian Government Department of Health To evaluate the supply of vaccines for the 2020 influenza season.

For Organisations

Access to Guild members can be facilitated by the Guild via our branches and their newsletters to members and social media channels with the strength and credibility of our brand. Working with the Guild provides mutual benefit as our members trust us to work in their best interests, which expands the potential survey pool for well conducted research.

Page last updated on: 30 November 2022