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Community Pharmacy 2025 Introduction cover pageThe Pharmacy Guild of Australia is undertaking a major strategic planning project to help secure the future of community pharmacy to 2025 and beyond. Community Pharmacy 2025 (CP2025) will see the Guild develop a vision to enable community pharmacies to have a viable, longer-term future as an integral part of the Australian health care system serving the needs of increasingly empowered health consumers. The project will seek the input, ideas and feedback from pharmacy owners, their staff and patients, as well as industry stakeholders, about how they see the future of community pharmacy. The project will consider the key political, economic, health, technology, regulatory, professional practice, workforce, business and consumer trends that are impacting community pharmacies. It will be informed by qualitative and quantitative market research, subject matter experts and a strategic advisory firm.

An Introduction Paper to the CP2025 project is available for download.

Download the Introduction Paper

Further information will also be provided on the approach to national engagement with Guild members, community pharmacy staff, patients and industry stakeholders in the coming weeks.

For queries regarding Community Pharmacy 2025, please email

Stakeholder Engagement

The Guild is particularly keen to hear from stakeholders who would like to have input into the vision and plan to support Community Pharmacy 2025.  We would welcome discussions and input particularly from the following sectors:

  • Digital Health, e-health, technology and digital transformation
  • Finance, including banks, insurers and financial service providers
  • Retailing and small business organisations
  • Professional associations with a relationship to community pharmacy
  • Peak bodies, including those in the health, patient and consumer sectors
  • Education and training providers working in the health sector
  • Suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and others involved in supporting community pharmacy
  • Government bodies and Government representatives

To speak to a Guild about CP2025, please email in the first instance and identify which sector you represent and we will follow up to discuss further.

Update - November 2017

Following a Request for Proposal (RFP), the Guild has appointed Orima Research as the market research provider for the CP2025 project.

Orima is Australia's largest provider of research, evaluation and data services to the Australian Government. They are 100% Australian-owned with over 20 years experience.

Orima will work closely with our strategic adviser Pottinger to ensure the market research for 2025 informs the overall vision and plan for CP2025.

In the coming weeks, Orima will deliver qualtitative focus groups involving health consumers, community pharmacy and pharmacy staff.  Following the qualitative research, there will be an online survey to the same groups to provide quantitative market research.

The Guild reviews and approves all surveys which go out to members and details are logged on our site.

The Guild has also commenced consultation with stakeholders to inform the CP2025 project.

Update - October 2017

The Guild has appointed Pottinger as its strategic adviser on the CP2025 project.

Pottinger is a Sydney based strategic consulting firm which has worked with businesses, government and other organisations in Australia and internationally. Its focus on business outcomes, entrepreneurship and data analytics, along with its destination led strategic planning methodology, make it an idea strategic partner for this critical project.

Pottinger has begun its work on CP2025 and is currently examining a large number of reports and other information provided by subject matter experts within the Guild

In terms of a definition of “viability”, Pottinger envisages a definition that incorporates several key concepts, including:

  • Long-term commercial sustainability
  • Business models which are resilient to changing consumer behaviours
  • Innovative and flexible given inherent uncertainty
  • Operable within its regulatory context
  • Primarily focussed on the health needs of the community

The Guild also is preparing to undertake qualitative and quantitative market research of Guild members and patients as part of the project.  Further updates in regard to market research will be provided here in coming weeks.

Contact the Guild

We welcome ideas and views on the future of community pharmacy 2025 and would ask that you email:

For membership enquiries, we recommend getting in touch with your local branch membership manager.

National Secretariat

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