Full Membership

Full membership is offered to qualified, registered pharmacists who own their own pharmacy. Membership comprises of a "proprietor" and a "premises" component. The "premises" component is based on the number of pharmacy premises owned.

Membership Benefits

  • Workplace Relations - Get the right answers when you need them by having someone help you navigate through complex employment issues and legislation. As a member you can access dedicated telephone support and advice for up-to-date information on industrial awards, wage rates, industrial relations issues and workplace legislation. Our extensive online resources also provide information on a range of important workplace relations issues.
  • Government Relations - The Pharmacy Guild is the recognised and respected voice for community pharmacy so you can be confident that your pharmacy’s needs are voiced with decision-makers. We have a strong history representing the interests of community pharmacy in key policy areas such as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, business, taxation and economic reform, education and training and workplace relations, at a state and federal level, and with relevant industry bodies.
  • Events - Make the most of the many networking and educational opportunities offered to members at substantially discounted rates. Through member briefings, seminars, training and social events, you will be able to build your expertise, network with other health professionals and extend your connections beyond the realm of your pharmacy.
  • Training - Members enjoy discounted rates and free advice on the services offered by Guild Training. The training courses for pharmacy and dispensary assistants are endorsed by the pharmacy industry and accredited by both state and federal governments.
  • Implementation Assistance - New legislation, systems and initiatives are constantly implemented in your pharmacy. Finding the right information among all the other demands of running your pharmacy is a challenge, therefore the Pharmacy Guild provides relevant and reliable information to implement and manage such initiatives with ease.
  • Marketing and Public Relations - Want to promote your pharmacy to the media, or make presentations to community groups, to better your business? The Guild constantly liaises with the media, pharmacy industry and general community to position community pharmacy as the ultimate frontline health care provider.
  • Clearing House - To relieve the day-to-day challenges involved in owning and running a pharmacy, members can access the Guild Clearing House - the most cost and time effective way to pay all your accounts, business or private, in one easy transaction. The Guild Clearing House allows you to concentrate on what is important and enables you to spend more time focusing on your pharmacy.
  • Gold Cross Products and Services - Gold Cross Products and Services Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild. As a member, you can access an exclusive range of products and merchandising services developed only for Guild members.

Membership Fees

Proprietor - $1,229.80

Premises - $1,709.40

* If you are joining after July, your membership fees will be pro-rata until the end of the current financial/membership year.

Guild membership fees compare favourably with fees from other professional medical organisations such as GPs and osteopaths and is commensurately lower than fees paid by professions such as accountants, lawyers and chiropractors. Our fees equate to around $30 or so a week. In terms of your workload, this is the equivalent of the dispensing fee from six additional prescriptions.

If you are a member of a banner group, you are probably paying in the vicinity of $30,000 a year for assistance and advice for your front of shop business. Front of shop generally amounts to approximately 30% of your total bottom line. Who assists you with the other 70% of your income? We do.

Becoming a Member

There are three easy steps to become a member of the Pharmacy Guild.

Step One

Download the appropriate membership application form by selecting one of the following links:

Step Two

Complete and return the membership application form with payment.

Return By Mail

Member Services
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
'Guild House' Level 2
40 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Return By Facsimile

Facsimile: 03 9819 2542
Please be sure to fax BOTH sides of each application form

Step Three

On receipt of your application for membership, the Victorian Branch Committee will consider your application at their next ordinary meeting and advise you as to your application status.

Membership Enquiries

For further enquiries, call Yvette O'Connor Member Services Manager on 03 9810 9999 or you can email us.

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