Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot

A 12-month statewide pilot began on 27 October 2023 allowing community pharmacists to provide treatment and advice for common conditions and basic health care needs.

In this pilot, appropriately trained community pharmacists are able to practice under a structured prescribing model to provide:

  1. resupply of select oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) without a prescription for women
  2. antibiotic treatment for suspected uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women
  3. treatment of shingles
  4. treatment of flare-up of mild plaque psoriasis

Following the completion of additional training, pharmacist immunisers participating in the pilot will also be authorised to administer select travel and other vaccines.

Expressions of interest

There is no cut-off date for pharmacies to complete an EOI or to join the pilot. There is no maximum number of participating pharmacies. Information about the EOI process can be found on the Department of Health's Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot EOI page and Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot – Resources for pharmacists |


Training links are available on the department’s Resources for Pharmacists page Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot – Resources for pharmacists | Each pharmacist intending to provide consultations must successfully complete the relevant training for the clinical stream.

Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP) training courses

The following training is now available through the Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP) for the Victorian Community Pharmacist State-wide Pilot:

These ACP courses are free for Guild Proprietor Members, as part of their complimentary ACP membership. Please visit the ACP website for more details.

Staying up to date

Throughout out the pilot, the resources for pharmacists will be kept updated on the webpage Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot – Resources for pharmacists |, including:

  • Consent information for patients
  • Promotional materials
  • Pharmacist information pack and frequently asked questions
  • Management Protocols
  • Training
  • Pricing information
  • Legislative authorisation
  • System requirements
  • Service reimbursement

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Page last updated on: 05 March 2024