The Pharmacy Guild of Australia - Victoria
Guild House, 40 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3122

All team members can be contacted on phone + 61 3 9810 9999, fax + 61 3 9819 2542 or by sending an email by clicking the name below.

President and Director's Office

Anthony Tassone

Melanie Saba

Executive Assistant
Kerry Nourse

General Manager & Professional Services
Stan Goma

Member Services

Memberships Business Development Manager
Yvette O'Connor

Member Services Coordinator
Yvette Dunford

Corporate Services

Chief Financial Officer
Linda Wong

Coordinator - Accounts Payable 
Una Wang

Assistant Accountant
Silvia Jo

Smita Salins & Laura Moon

Workplace Relations

Manager - Workplace Relations
Tamara Singh

IT & Design

Manager - IT & Design                                                    
Jason Innes

Communications & Events

Communications & Events Manager                                        
Rohini Tanwar

Business Development

Business Development Manager
Michelle Fortanier

Business Development Support Team

Alissa Tzintzis

Anabel Dominguez

Kerry Free

Business Development Support Administration Officer                                          
Kellie Rankin

Training Services

Manager Training Services                                                
Helen Stephens

Michelle Skinner

Catherine Martino

Vicki Constantinou

Stephanie Lynch

Training Services Officer                                                  
Leanne York

Compliance Officer   
Kerrie Coolahan

Training Admin
Sabina Martin

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Page last updated on: 08 February 2022