Consumer Medicines Information

A Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflet is a reader-friendly document that provides information about prescription medicines. Provided free of charge to pharmacy customers, CMIs are written in plain English by the pharmaceutical company that makes the medicine. They answer common questions about the medicine, including what it is for; how to use it properly; things to consider before taking it; and any known side effects. A CMI can be provided when someone is starting a new medicine for the first time, or whenever a customer asks for it.

While CMIs are a valuable resource, reading one does not take the place of counselling by a health professional. It is still important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your health and medicines.

With the rise of the internet, people can find a vast range of information at home, but there is a need for caution when dealing with issues relating to health. The best way to guarantee you are getting reliable information about your medicines is to ask your pharmacist for a CMI. Meanwhile, one website that can be relied upon for authentic and trustworthy information on medicines is At this website, you can find CMIs for most of the prescription medicines available in Australia.

CMI Support Materials for Pharmacies

Page last updated on: 02 September 2020