The Business Support Team

Your Business Support Team provides practical tools and comprehensive advice that streamlines day-to-day operations and enables you to grow your pharmacy business while allowing you the time to focus on providing quality health care to your patients.

The experienced team can provide assistance and guidance with:

  • Major legislative or industry changes that impact Queensland community pharmacies e.g. 60-day dispensing, and providing advice and support on what these changes mean for your business.
  • Helping you understand all legislative and practice requirements to ensure you're meeting your obligations as a community pharmacy business owner e.g. compulsory Substance Management Plans.
  • Identifying potential growth opportunities for your pharmacy business and helping you to implement change so you can maximise on new ventures.
  • Guild Corporate Health opportunities e.g. the Corporate Vaccination Program and other vaccination opportunities e.g. National Immunisation Program - Influenza Program.
  • New opportunities for pharmacists to practice at full-scope e.g. the Queensland Community Pharmacy Scope of Practice Pilot.
  • Maintaining your Quality Care 2020 accreditation.
  • Access to practical and industry-specific resources, and timely updates so you can stay up to date.

Services provided by the Business Support Team are complimentary and exclusive to Guild members. Contact your Business Support Team on:

07 3831 3788    E:

For more information, please contact:
The Business Support Team


07 3831 3788

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Page last updated on: 01 May 2024