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Your membership includes support whenever you need - through in-store visits, telephone, email, or webinar.  How the Business Support Team can help you and your pharmacy:

  • 7CPA Advice and Updates:  Assist in maximising your 7CPA opportunities
  • Quality Management System Support Access: Comprehensive support and advice on your systems to achieve Quality Care accreditation
  • Business Support Resources:  Guide you through the Guild's suite of member-only business tools
  • Professional Services:  Receive practical support on the implementation of professional services in your pharmacy including guides on how much you should charge your customers
  • Guild Corporate Vaccination Program:  Generate additional income for your pharmacy by participating in this member-only innovative program
  • Legislative and Practice Inquiries:  Receive expert advice on queries relating to your pharmacy premises or pharmacy practice
  • Industry and Government Updates + Best Practice Tips and Checklists: Through regular newsletters (e.g. Guild News), you'll always remain up-to-date within the industry

Pharmacy Business Support is a free service, exclusive to Guild members.  Contact the Business Support Team on:

07 3831 3788    E:

Meet the Team! Find out more about your Pharmacy Business Support Team.

Each member of the Pharmacy Business Support Team has firsthand experience and understanding of what it’s like to be an owner or manager.  The team is made up of handpicked individuals (Support Officers) who have experience in a wide variety of pharmacies models and roles.

Andrew Harman - Business Support Pharmacist


P: +617 3144 3642    M: 0437 677 611    E:

Andrew’s experience stems from Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Logan.  Andrew has developed specialised knowledge through his years of pharmacy ownership.  With hands-on experience in dispensary and dose administration aid automation, Andrew understands the importance of efficient and effective workflows in a practice setting.  Andrew believes that business success is built on robust business strategies authenticated by performance analysis.

Elizabeth Whitehead - Business Support Pharmacist


P: 07 3144 3648   M: 0448 062 609   E:

Libby has worked in community pharmacy for over 12 years. She has overcome the challenges associated with implementing professional services in single pharmacist environments from her own experience as a pharmacist manager. Libby has been actively involved in the implementation of vaccination services in pharmacies as well as maximising community pharmacy agreement remuneration. Libby also manages Guild Corporate Health opportunities in Queensland, sourcing health initiatives and partnerships on your behalf. These health opportunities are often remunerated, for example, the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program which generates additional revenue for your pharmacy and boosts customer interactions in-store.

Jill Power - Business Support Officer

Cert IV TAE, Cert IV Community Pharmacy

P: 07 3144 3638    M: 0429 005 999    E:

Jill has 14 years’ experience in pharmacy after having spent many years in the retail sector. Her operational roles have developed her strong customer focus and her passion for personal engagement. Jill enjoys assisting members with implementing community pharmacy agreement programs, and the suite of business development tools available to their pharmacies.

Kelly Danvers HeadshotKelly Danvers - Business Support Officer

Cert IV Community Pharmacy, Cert IV Frontline Management

P: 07 3144 3639    M: 0407 956 644   E:

Starting as a pharmacy assistant in 1999, Kelly has gained extensive experience across all areas of community pharmacy.  As a retail manager for eight years, Kelly was responsible for all aspects of managing a pharmacy including staff recruitment and management, customer service, retail and dispensary operations as well as improving financial performance.  With qualifications including a Certificate III in Community Pharmacy and Certificate IV in Retail Management, Kelly has developed a keen interest in training and professional development of pharmacy staff.

Nicole Floyd

Nicole Floyd - Business Support & Professional Services Manager

BPharm ExecCertBus(Mgt) MPS GAICD

P: 07 3144 3654   E:

Nicole is a registered pharmacist with over 22 years of experience in community pharmacy. She has been fortunate to have experienced many facets of pharmacy life from assistant roles to ownership. Working in Mackay, North Queensland for numerous years, Nicole gained valuable insight into the factors which affect regional areas. After spending two and half years working in the UK for the Alliance/Boots group, Nicole moved back to Queensland and started working at The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland.

Queensland Pharmacist-Led Vaccination Service Follow these simple guides and templates to implement vaccination services in your pharmacy.

Guidelines for implementing a pharmacist-led vaccination service in Queensland

The following resource has been developed by the Business Support Team to assist in identifying the training, resources and infrastructure required to deliver a vaccination service that complies with the Queensland Pharmacist Vaccination Standards and the QC2020 Standards.



Infection Control Management Plan

As specified in the Queensland Pharmacist Vaccination Standard, Chapter 4 of the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld) places obligations on owners or operators of a health care facility at which vaccination services are provided in relation to an infection control management plan. Owners of a community pharmacy must ensure that there is a compliant plan, that it is followed, and that the effectiveness and implementation of the plan are reviewed at least yearly.

The following example has been developed by the Business Support Team to assist member pharmacies in completing their own compliant plan. When filling this plan out, pharmacists should think the other services they provide which require consideration of how infection control is managed.


  • Pharmacy Guild Queensland Infection Control Management Plan EXAMPLE
    NB: The example provided must not be copied and used as the infection control management plan of the pharmacy. It is the legal responsibility of the pharmacist-owner or manager to create and review the plan to ensure that it accurately reflects operations in the pharmacy.



Australian Immunisation Register

All vaccine administration encounters should be recorded by the pharmacist on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) at the time of vaccination.

The following instructional documents have been developed to guide pharmacies on how to register as a service provider to upload to and access the AIR to review vaccination history prior to vaccine administration.



Services Australia: Australian Immunisation Register for health professionals


To assist with meeting requirements in the Queensland Pharmacist Vaccination Standard and QC2020, the following example procedures have been created by the Business Support Team for member pharmacies. They must be adapted by the pharmacist-owner or manager to accurately reflect operations in the pharmacy.

Vaccination Training

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s ‘Pharmacy Guild Immunisation Course’ has been developed to provide the knowledge and skills required for pharmacists to deliver vaccination services to the community.

For course dates and registration information, please click here.

Guild Corporate Vaccination Program

The Guild Corporate Vaccination Program (GCVP) is an employee vaccination program funded through contracts secured by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Participation in the GCVP is exclusive to Guild member pharmacies. In 2020, participating pharmacies delivered over 24,000 vaccines to employees of participating government departments and private organisations, generating over $500,000 of additional revenue across all stores.

For more information on the program, please click here.

ePrescriptions Learn more about how to prepare for ePrescriptions.

Your Business Support team have developed a suite of guides and resources to step you through the ePrescription process.

Click here to learn more about ePrescriptions.

Business Support Resources Helpful Guides and Tips


Helpful Tips

Fact Sheets & Checklists

7th Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) Need help with 7CPA?  We can assist!

The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) between the Australian Government and the Guild provides approximately $18.9 billion to over 5,000 community pharmacies for dispensing PBS medicines, providing pharmacy programs and services and for the Community Service Obligation arrangements with pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The Business Support Team can help you to easily identify your maximum financial opportunities, implement new or increase existing health services in your pharmacy and address roadblocks associated with patient uptake and pharmacy workflow to ensure that you make the most of the 7CPA.

Click here to listen to the 7CPA update teleconference (recorded on 28 July 2020).

Click here to view important 7CPA facts.

Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) How can we help with your QCPP management and assessments?

The Business Support Team can assist in all aspects of the current Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) and the upcoming new Quality Care 2020.  From initial recognition and development of a management system process, through to audit assessments and beyond, the team can assist you maximising emerging opportunities available from a well-crafted and maintained quality management system. Prepare for your QCPP assessments with ease using our detailed checklists, online support and face-to-face visits.

For more information about QCPP, please visit the

Guild Corporate Vaccination Program A remunerated vaccination program, exclusive to Guild member pharmacies.

The Guild Corporate Vaccination Program offers a flexible, cost-effective solution to employers (e.g. government departments, private organisations etc.) to allow their employees to be vaccinated against influenza at a time, date and place most convenient to them via the Guild member network.

Click here for more information including how the program works.

Community Pharmacy 2025 (CP2025) Growth Pathways Become a pharmacy of the future.

The Business Support Team can guide you through the nine CP2025 Growth Pathways to ensure that your business has a viable, longer-term future as an integral part of the Australian health care system.

Explore the nine CP2025 Growth Pathways for more information.

For more information, please contact:
The Business Support Team


07 3831 3788

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