Terms & Conditions

Participating pharmacies and pharmacy staff agree to the following:

  • Use the provided 120L sharps disposal bin (Height: 92cm x Width: 48cm x Depth: 55cm) for community generated sharps waste only.

  • Not accept commercially generated waste from external businesses such as hairdressers, medical centres, tattooists etc.  Pharmacies with excessive sharps disposal use may be contacted for further information and may be liable for additional charges.

  • Only dispose of sharps waste contained in an appropriate rigid-walled, puncture resistant container (loose sharps, medications, medical and general waste must not be disposed of in the 120L sharps disposal bin).

  • Agree to regular auditing of contents of 120L sharps disposal bins by Queensland Health.

  • Store 120L sharps disposal bin in a lockable area located within the pharmacy and NOT outside the pharmacy. Participating pharmacies must have the 120L sharps disposal bin located in an area that cannot be easily accessed by unsupervised children.

  • The pharmacy will be responsible for the replacement cost of the 120L sharps disposal bin if it is lost or damaged.

  • In cases of change in pharmacy ownership, the pharmacy’s participation in PNSP is automatically transferred over to the new owner, unless the new owner stated otherwise. It is the responsibility of both the old and new owners to ensure the 120L sharps disposal bin is transferred accordingly and in good condition.

  • If a pharmacy is relocating, the pharmacy must contact the PNSP to organise the relocation of the 120Ls sharps disposal bin from the original to the new site (premise). The 120L sharps disposal bin should not be removed from the original site by pharmacy staff as they do not have the relevant licenses to move such bins.

  • Order Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) using the approved PNSP process.

  • Order Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) on a regular basis.

  • Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) must be made available to sell to all consumers.

  • Sell Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) for a set price of $3 (incl. GST) per pack to clients.

  • Sell ONLY Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs).  Participating pharmacies should not be selling other brands or types of clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) e.g. from wholesalers.

  • Sell Queensland Health approved clean injecting equipment (sharps packs) as an entire unit.  The contents of packs should not be broken down and sold as individual components.

  • Adhere to policies and procedures of the PNSP (including procedures relating to the safe disposal of sharps and client confidentiality).

  • Comply with Queensland's Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 by signing a Waste Tracking Agreement with the disposal contractor.

  • Maintain a level of knowledge amongst staff regarding the PNSP and other harm minimisation strategies.

  • Have the pharmacy’s details listed publically as a participating pharmacy of the PNSP.

  • The collection, storage and disclosure of information relating to the pharmacy’s involvement in the PNSP to Queensland Health.

  • Receive future promotional material from The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. You may opt out at any time.

  • Participate in the annual PNSP Operational Survey for quality improvement purposes.

Additional information:

Pharmacies may be visited to ensure compliance with the above Terms and Conditions.

Approval of registration is contingent on the accessibility of sharps disposal contractors in the pharmacy's area.  If access is difficult, the Guild will make contact with the pharmacy to discuss options.

As per Queensland Health guidelines, to remain a participating pharmacy, the pharmacy must comply at all time with the PNSP Terms & Conditions.

If a participating pharmacy is to be found non-compliant with PNSP Terms & Conditions:

  1. the Guild will make contact with the pharmacy to ask for clarification
  2. the pharmacy may be issued with a warning and a notice to remedy
  3. If the non-compliance continues, the pharmacy will be de-registered from the program

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Page last updated 13 December 2017