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The Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Program (PNSP) aims to supply clean injecting equipment to ensure that needles are not shared.  By reducing the spread of blood borne viruses and providing safe disposal services for used sharps waste, the PNSP is working to protect the wider community.

The PNSP can accept a further 40 Queensland community pharmacies to the program due to additional funding.

We invite you to register in this important public health program.

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Why join the PNSP?

  • Easy to implement & facilitate
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide a much needed service to patients who inject medications
  • Minimise the risk of needle stick injuries to the community
  • Free 120L sharps disposal bin
  • Free bin collection & replacement
  • Queensland Health approved sharps kits can be sold for $3
  • Ongoing support & staff training
  • Create a safe community environment
For more information
Hidy Chan - Professional Practice Pharmacist - Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Program


07 3831 3788

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Page last updated 17 March 2017