Member-pharmacy only

All immunisation services must be recorded on the Australia Immunisation Register (AIR)

AIR submission is not automated by simply dispensing the vaccine.

The Branch is aware of significant discrepancies in the reports some members have received on their Australian Immunisation Register data upload.

We have identified a number of cases in which the member has received confirmation that their immunisation data has been successfully uploaded only to find there is no record or a partial record of their data in the AIR.

We have made GuildLink aware of the issue. They are working with the AIR to resolve the issue.

For now you should check your immunisation data is actually on the AIR.

Please confirm that your data is being recorded by uploading directly yourself and contact the AIR on 1300 650 039 to check.

Ensure your software provider knows if you identify any discrepancy.

We appreciate this will cause additional workflow issues however this is a critical issue affecting the mandatory obligations in providing a Community Pharmacy Immunisation Service.

Audits are undertaken by the Department of Health to make sure all immunisers are complying with the requirement to upload to AIR. If your vaccination services are not being recorded on AIR, you are in breach of the Poisons Regulations.

How to Register for the AIR

Click here for the Guide to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). This information relates to the whole of life Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and reflects the change over from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR.)

Click here for direct access to the Registration Form.

Once you have completed the form you will need to email it to the WA Health Department at and on their approval they will forward it to Department of Human Services.

The pharmacy will be assigned a unique AIR registration number which will arrive by post. Please look out for it. If you require support completing the form please phone the Health Department on 1800 020 103.

Tip: This number is the same for every State. To speak to a Perth-based representative, call after 3pm WA time.

Manually Upload Vaccination Service to the AIR

Once logged into the AIR, you can view a client’s immunisation history or upload a vaccination:

1. Go to

2. Click Choose File to upload your document

3. Double click on the downloaded Authentication File Name

4. Click Send Authentication File

5. Enter user name (AIR provider number) and password (the password created when completing the online request access form). On your first login you will be prompted to:

a) Change your password

b) Activate the new password

c) Enter your user name and new password

d) Accept the terms and conditions

6. AIR Main Menu will display. Select Identify Individual:

a) Enter the client’s Medicare number and IRN (the number next to their name on the Medicare card) or

b) Medicare number and first name (if IRN is unknown) or

c) Surname, first name and date of birth

d) Click Search

7. The client’s details will be displayed and you can view any immunisation records notified to AIR

8. Select Record Encounter to notify AIR of immunisation provided at your pharmacy

Please click here for an in depth module on using the AIR website.

Passwords expire 6 months from the last AIR login

For support with the AIR website please contact 1300 650 039.

How to Edit Records and Upload Records for Patients Without Medicare on AIR

How to edit vaccination details/brands entered on the AIR:

If information you have previously submitted to the AIR is incorrect you can update it.

  • Log into the AIR
  • Select “Identify Individual” 
  • Enter either:
    • Medicare number and Reference Number OR
    • Medicare number and First Name OR
    • Surname, first name and date of birth
  • Click Search, once individual is identified
  • Select “Update Encounter”
  • Select the encounter you wish to edit
  • To edit, select the “Pencil” icon under “Action” heading
  • “Edit Encounter” screen will display and you can edit:
    • Date of service
    • Schedule
    • Dose number if schedule “other” is selected
    • Vaccine brands administered
  • Make the change and select “Update” to submit
  • “Successful” message will appear

Creating a New Individual on the AIR including people who don’t hold a Medicare Card:

If you have entered correct details to “Identify and Individual” on the AIR and there is no existing record (you can phone AIR on 1800 653 809 to confirm), you can create a new record.

  • Log into the AIR
  • Select “Identify Individual” 
  • Enter either
    • Medicare number and Reference Number OR
    • Medicare number and First Name OR
    • Surname, first name and date of birth
  • Click Search, once individual is identified
  • Select “Record Encounter”
  • Create a New Individual as per required fields

Please click here for an in depth module on using the AIR website

Steps to Record Vaccination Services to AIR via GuildCareNG

Watch the Video

1. Set up the IPN in GuildCareNG

2. Go to ADMIN section of GuildCareNG (only the pharmacy administrator will have access to this tab)

3. Enter the IPN in the ‘Pharmacy Settings’ section


5. If an IPN is entered ALL future vaccination cases will show an AIR section and be automatically submitted to the AIR upon case completion

6. Record vaccination service by selecting patient from patient list

7. Select ‘Vaccination’ from services drop down menu

8. Enter all details

9. Check the AIR section – this section will NOT appear if no IPN number has been entered


11. Green success flag will appear at the top of the screen if AIR upload was successful or orange retry flag if resubmission is required

12. AIR Submission report and AIR Rejection report can be generated on request

How to generate AIR Rejection Report in GuildCareNG:

  • Select Reports – in top blue bar
  • Select Services – in the left hand menu
  • Select AIR report – from the drop down menu
  • Select Report Range - enter date range in the top bar
  • Select Failed – in the Status field in the top bar
  • Click Search
  • Fix and resubmit all rejected vaccination services

Members are advised to regularly check whether all vaccinations provided have been uploaded to the AIR.

Steps to Record Vaccination Services to AIR via MedAdvisor PlusOne

Watch the Video

1. Record Vaccination Service by Clicking on ‘Record Services’ in left hand menu

2. Search for patient by surname OR select patient from recently dispensed list

3. Select Service – Immunisation

4. Enter Date

5. Select Immuniser/Pharmacist

6. Pharmacists Registration number should automatically appear, if not select edit icon and enter registration number manually

7. Enter IPN

8. Make sure ‘AIR submission required’ is ticked

9. Enter patient information – sections in bold are mandatory

10. Expand and fill out pre-screening checklist section

11. Expand and fill out subsidised immunisation checklist if applicable (NIP vaccines)

12. Expand and tick patient suitability and consent section after you have deemed patient suitable to vaccinate and consent was obtained

13. Enter time

14. Select vaccine

15. Select site of administration

16. Enter Batch number

17. Enter Expiry Date

18. Dose Number – usually 1


20. AIR Submission report and AIR Rejection report can be generated on request

How to generate AIR Rejection Report in MedAdvisor:

  • Click on Record Services  – in the left hand menu
  • Click on Reports – in the top right hand corner
  • Select Immunisation Report
  • Select date range
  • In AIR status field select Failed from drop down menu
  • Generate summary pdf or detailed spreadsheet
  • Fix and resubmit all rejected vaccination claims

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Page last updated on: 05 May 2020